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Youth Program

by Jun 7, 2023


Youth Program
“Out of the Mouth of Babes” … heard during Youth Church:
After a short lesson on, “let’s do one nice thing today for ourselves or someone else” … While busy creating a welcome Card and Craft for our speaker, L said “I’ve already done three nice things today and it’s only the morning!”

We talked about the Divine (God) as living within us, so we’re never really alone. Weeks later, one of the children said, “Even when I’m alone, I’m not alone. It seems weird to say that, but I know I’m not alone”

Our Enlightened Kids Community is a High Priority at Soul Center OC.
It is all about teaching and inspiring our children and teens! Our Enlightened Kids Village offers programs to kids of all ages, lead by teachers who honor the spirit of every child. The session includes weekly “kid” Spiritual teachings with Affirmations, Sacred Circle time and an inspirational craft project to take home that functions as a gentle lesson reminder.

As part of our Enlightened Kids program each Sunday, our dedicated teachers provide scientifically proven, age-appropriate meditation techniques. Our children live in an exciting yet stressful culture. Educators, neuro and behavioral scientists all agree on the enormous benefits of meditation: improved focus, concentration, calmness, creativity, compassion and self-esteem. Give your child a life-enhancing gift….MIGHTY MINDS meditation….for calm, focused, happy kids

Teen Life Group – Meets Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm
Life group is a safe place where teens (ages 12 and above) can come together and learn spiritual practices and the Universal Principles of Truth. This is a time of fellowship and friendship as they build each other up, and learn the tools for a successful life.

Facilitated by Tyler Conti
Location: 1900 Port Carlow Pl., Newport Beach, CA 92660
For more info. contact Jessica Susolik at Jessica@SoulCenterOC.com