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Your Essence isn’t Evanescence

by Mar 3, 2015Uncategorized


Your Essence isn’t Evanescence…let me tell you how I know why.

Your Essence, dripped out of heaven into my heart,
and trickled down into my existence.
One thought, became one mind, one kind, one love –
your Essence…gift from above.

Your Essence, into me it does breathe,
a feat; no mere mortal could achieve.
So wise, so gentle, so simple, yet so supreme –
your Essence…more real than any illusion or lucid dream.

Your Essence from me will never fade,
in its ocean, I will forever wade.
Ever adore, ever there, ever care, forevermore –
your Essence…that which makes spirits soar.

Your Essence illuminates all life,
into dark worlds filled with strife.
To receive, to live, to give, to savor –
your Essence…all humanity does favor.

Your Essence oh so pure,
broken hearts can it cure.
For victory, for truth, for those who need proof, for glory –
your Essence…that tells love’s life story.

Your Essence with me will forever stay,
needs no further adornment, perfect in every way.
Be yourself, be fair, be there, be everything you are –
your Essence…proof, the truth is not that far.

Your Essence randomly rare,
the universal philosophical answer to my prayer.
Now here, now bright, now right, now not taken for granted –
your Essence… gift in my heart life planted.

Your Essence a bountiful treasure,
exceeds all value, exists without measure.
No separation, no space, no time; none more beautifully sublime –
than your Essence…that which makes you wholly divine.

Copyright 2008, Keen, all rights reserved