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The Soaring Soul’s Song’ by Rev. Jason Mitchell

by Jun 19, 2023


The Soaring Soul’s Song’ by Rev. Jason Mitchell
Spiritual beings having a human incarnation. This is the description that I embrace about us all as we take this journey on earth. I know that I am more than my body, that there is more to us than our physiology. There are connections that go beyond the functions of the brain or heart when limited to their biology. I know that there is so much more to us and yet at times our body temples can feel like cages, even prisons.

Perhaps it is the lies that we accepted from mass media marketing of what beauty is or what makes someone a real man or woman; at times we can live the lie that we are not enough. It could be shame or abuse we encountered on our journey that tells us we cannot do or be something because of our height, weight, skin color, hair texture, ethnicity, sexuality or something else. The cage many reside in is made up of their own thoughts. When one realizes this, the opportunity for transformation is at hand. Liberty does not require a key, for a mind aligned with the Truth of one’s being dissolves the illusion of the cage completely.

You are perfect. You are beauty. You are love. You are creativity, sourced and resourced by the Infinite. You are supported continually by the presence of the almighty, all-loving, living Presence that makes no mistakes and knows Its own. There are no limitations to one who realizes the Truth of their being. The only challenge you face is awakening to the illusion that somehow you’ve been caged in or had your wings clipped, preventing you from soaring. The lie that is revealed to you is that cages don’t determine a soul’s liberty, nor do physical conditions prevent one from soaring.