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The Hero’s Journey Starts with Claiming Your Story

by Apr 15, 2015Uncategorized


Dear Friend!

Last week we introduced the series on The Hero’s Journey. We discussed the mythology and the stories of the human soul and recognized our own stories in the great stories of heroic living.

Stories tell of the struggle to: 

 Breathe new life into a dead land,

The death of the soul and its resurrection,

The search for the beloved, and

The great wound that turns one into a great healer.

Great stories allow our lives to be written larger.  When we reframe our life story as a great story we strengthen our personal shields, we discover that which protects us from hurt, and we forge new bonds with glorious inner allies.  The name of new character we forge out of great story is YOU, and the name of the myth is YOUR STORY.  It is time to:

Claim Your GREAT Story!
How we view our life as a story often determines how life treats us.

Is your life story a




            Does it have a sad ending?   Happy ending?

            Is it a love story?

            Is it a motivational story?  Is it a rags to riches story?

Is it a GREAT story?  Could it be?

Seeing our life as a great story can fill us with the passion for the possible, give us access codes to a new range of possibilities and grant us a mythic life.

What are the stories you tell yourself about who you are?

What are the stories you tell others about who you are?

  1.  Re-frame your story based upon higher truth.

There is a story of a family enjoying preparing a Thanksgiving meal, including two sisters and mother and grandmother tyring to prepare a healthy meal, since they want to stay healthy and that’s why they keep a good nutrition, following their diet from  As one sister was preparing the ham, she cut off both ends of the ham and placed it in the pan.  Her sister, watching, says, “Why do we always cut the ham that way?”  “Hmmm,” the other sister replied, “I don’t know, that’s just the way mom always did it.  Let’s ask her!”  So after asking their mom, she replies, “Hmmm, I don’t know, that’s just the way my mom always did it.  Let’s ask Grandma.”  They round up grandma and ask her, and she matter of factly says, “Oh, that’s because the pan was little and that’s the only way it would fit in the pan!”

So… what stories have we unconsciously and automatically accepted from our family history that we are just living out?   

There’s never enough money?

Duplication of unhealthy relationship patterns?

Child raising methods?

Eating habits?

Any old stories in the family history that you don’t want to live out?


Write a new family story…perhaps?

You go to college when previous family members didn’t?

Raised with poverty?  You decided that wasn’t for you?

You made a choice for spiritual growth when your family didn’t?

You had not healthy relationship examples, but you grow and demonstrate one?

You had a family that was sick a lot and/or ate unhealthy and you decided to write a new story of health and vitality?

In order to consciously live the stories we want to be known by, it is important to:

  1. Understand how the Laws of the Universe Work and our Divine connection.

Understanding the Creative Law of Mind and how it works is the key to building a bigger believing and creating a greater story for ourselves and our life.  This understanding can change your story, and change your life. 

Ernest Holmes, from the Science of Mind Textbook: Page 140

“The Law of Life is a law of thought- an activity of consciousness- the Power flows through us.  The Spirit can do for us only what It can do through us.  Unless we are able to provide the consciousness, It cannot make the gift.  The Power behind all things is without limit, but in working for us It must work through us.” 

In addition, if we look at the classic stories, somewhere in the middle there was a helper, a guide, someone that represented the God of their experience, such as the Fairy Godmother, Good Witch of the North, Yoda, the Wizard… you get my point.  We need a Higher Power experience to assist us on our own Hero’s Journey.  Transformation and Victory require a Higher Power.

  1. The story isn’t over in the middle.

There’s a saying that our story will always have a happy ending, and if its not happy, its not the ending.  Our challenges, growth opportunities come in the middle of the story, as everyone’s does.  Every great story, has struggles and triumphs, challenges and transformation.  If we’re in the struggle stage, its time to call upon God to help us through it.

The story isn’t over in the middle.

  1. Tell a new story.  Make it a good one.

I remember when I was a young single mother, raising three children, working full time and in classes.  I got a lot of accalades for being such a “strong person.”  Oh yes, I loved telling my story about the path I was on, taking care of children and doing so much.  One day, I heard a talk, a little like this one, and I decided right there and then to quit telling the struggle story.  I needed a NEW ONE to take its place.  When responding to people commenting on all that was happening, I would just say, “I live a miraculous life.”  I would think, “I have a sugar daddy (God) and He takes good care of me.  That shift started changing everything!

How about telling some new stories?

  • Even though I lost everything, after turning my life over to God everything was restored and MORE.
  • Even though I experienced such heartbreak, I found my true source of internal love and am now experiencing the love of my new partner.
  • Even though I nearly died, I had a great healing and went on to encourage and help others!
  • Even though I’ve been hurt and betrayed, I changed that story and I went on to live more empowered and attract new wonderful success in my life!!!

Make a decision today to claim that your life is a grand story, a great adventure, an enduring love story, a transformational story, a dynamic success story!  Write your story the way you want it to be.  Write it your way.  Tell it your way. 

You are the author and you are the star.  Tell it vibrantly and authentically!


With love and blessings!