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by May 30, 2023


What others say about Soul Center OC
Since I have been attending Soul Center I have more Joy & Love in my life and less fear & stress. There are wonderful connections with kind and joyful people. The entire experience has enriched my life.
Elizabeth Kiley
“Soul Center is where I come to connect with the Divine and my Spiritual Community. I feel the true Agape spirit! Sunday is uplifting, filled with beautiful music, and a message delivered with Love. Sunday inspires you to see how magnificent you are. I am so enjoying the amazing speakers, and the fun activities at Soul Center.”
I was looking for a connection to something bigger than myself. Not being religious, I wanted something that allowed me to have faith without worshiping a particular god. Soul Center OC offers just such a thing. By referencing many different religions, teachings and spiritual beliefs there seems to be something for everyone who, like me, seeks that connection. Every time I attend I am greeted with smiles, love and a message that always seems to be timely for what is going on in my life. The biggest “result” that I have seen is a reconnection with my passion – music writing, performing and production. This part of my soul was buried alive many years ago. At the Soul Center OC I was able to dig it up and bring it back to life… better than it ever was before.
“I am so grateful to have found an open, loving, and accepting Spiritual community dedicated to seeking the highest values in truth, love and peace.”
Soul Center OC, with its founders, Patricia and Jessica, have breathed new life into my spiritual walk.

From the moment I was greeted for the first time, with authentic welcome and to this very day, there is open sincerity and commitment that enfolds everyone and demonstrates true Agape love!

I am so blessed to have found this loving, joyful and vibrant spiritual community that embraces freedom of thought and spirit.
“What a journey from fearful fundamentalism, to apathetic agnosticism and finally to spiritual solace in the enthusiastic embrace of Soul Center OC.”
“Come for the lively music, stay for the spiritual serenity.”
“Free at last, free at last, hallelujah, I am free at last. God cannot be confined by dusty dogmas or limited by ancient creeds. I am thrilled to have discovered a community where spiritually and science are not mutually exclusive.”
“I have visited many churches in my time and I can say with some conviction that you will not find a more earnestly loving and welcoming congregation to worship and grow with. I love Soul Center OC!”
“I have finally found a welcoming, joy-filled spiritual home where the journey is more important than the destination.”