‘Break free from the “it’s good enough” paradigm!’ by Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Excerpted from Agape International Spiritual Center’s Daily Inspiration ‘Inner Visions’, September 12, 2018,
‘Try It On!’

Courage is the spiritual art of living dangerously.

When it comes to evolving one’s fundamental life structures, most individuals go through life experiencing an “it’s good enough” mindset.  Fearing that a shift in consciousness equals an unguaranteed outcome, they remain willing to settle for what they perceive to be the safety and security of predictability. More directly stated, it’s about living in the illusion that life’s outcomes can be controlled. Bottom line: A life philosophy of “It’s good enough” is a fear-based agreement with mediocrity.

Break free from the “it’s good enough” paradigm!  Dare to have the courage to trust in yourself, in life itself.  Try on a state of consciousness that allows you to discover that there is so much good, love, joy, peace, prosperity, and creativity yearning to manifest in your life once you give it permission to do so. Because when you do, there will be an energetic opening that will usher you into a whole new recognition of limitless possibilities, into an unconditional “yes” to this great adventure called Life.

What does this take?  Courage.  The courage to disrupt your comfort zone, to live beyond your coping mechanisms, justifications, rationalizations, manipulations, well-worn excuses that hold you back simply because you fear stirring up your life or what others will think about you. Trust that your life, just as it is, is a trustworthy path to evolving a deeper confidence in the truth that you live in a friendly universe that supports you in every way. Let your reliance be on the reliability of Reality, of Spirit, which are constantly offering you opportunities for enlightened action.

Go ahead—try it all on, even if you don’t know where it will lead you, what Teutonic shakeups will take place in your life, because when you do, you will gladden your heart with the realization that it’s all working together for your good with the full support of the Universe.


As I free myself from mediocrity and try on my highest potential, I realize that it is a perfect, custom made fit.

Michael Bernard Beckwith


WALK IN TRUTH by Jason D. Mitchell

14906841_10153884765686956_6179843203120961653_nToday there is going to be a whole lot of people talking about just about everything. On your social media timelines, the radio, tv and in newspapers there will be no shortage of commentary. At work, in the grocery store, in the line at the post office people will be talking about the state of things. Now the question becomes, what will you walk in?

We are people of faith that recognize that there is always something greater at work beyond the material world. Nature is constantly showing us that what we see on the surface is nothing compared to what is at work beyond appears. The circumstances cannot be denied yet, they are not the absolute Truth of Reality. Are you able to see beyond the conditions to Truth. Can you pierce the illusion and see through to Reality. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Nature is constantly going through cycles of growth and transformation and rarely is it pretty. Yet on the other side of it we see a greater manifestation of the potentiality that was always there.

Today, move through the noise and confusions. Listen with an open heart and practice your spiritual discernment. Read not just between the lines by fine tune your inner ear to hear not what is being said but what is behind the words. This is where your ability to walk in Truth supports the birthing of a world that works for everyone. Hold the space for each other as we come out of the shadowy places and illuminate the world in the same way that night scatters from the dawn. Darkness has it’s place, without night, how would we see the stars? Carry your light into the world and be that single candle that can light the other candles by simply walking in Truth.