Agape Affirmation April 19th

December 18th, 2016

I am rooted in the rich soil of God consciousness!

The fire of my imagination ignites the divine potential within me!

A perfect pattern of absolute wholeness shapes and forms my body temple!

The high vibration of unconditional love supports all of my relationships!

I am forever expanding, forever evolving, forever revealing God!

Gratefully I live these words of truth!  And so it is!  Amen!

Deepak Chopra’s Meditation Litmus Test

Deepak Chopra’s meditation litmus test is simple: “If you’re   doing it, then you’re doing it right.”<span style="line-height: 1 generic for viagra.5;”>The meditation and mindfulness guru spoke to The Huffington Post at a recent event in Los Angeles to celebrate his daughter, Mallika Chopra, who had just published the new book, “Living with Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace, and Joy.”

Later in the afternoon, Deepak led the hushed room into a guided meditation, his voice deep and calming, as he offered a seamless transition from a buzzing social atmosphere to a suddenly deeply internal one.

“Meditation is a progressive quieting of the mind until you get to the source of the mind, which is pure consciousness,” Chopra explained in an interview before the event began, his bejeweled transition glasses slowly lightening from dark to clear. “You are not your mind or your thoughts. You are the consciousness in which the thoughts come and go.”
Guests, including many of the Chopra family, packed themselves tightly into the meditation room at Unplug Meditation in West Los Angeles as Mallika told the room that her parents taught her to meditate at age nine and that she would come home from school and meditate with her mother as a way to feel close.
Chopra learned to meditate 35 years ago in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “I was lucky enough to have Maharishi Yogi as my direct teacher. He was the teacher for the world at the time, including the Beatles” he said.
He went on to found The Chopra Center in 1996, a renowned institute near San Diego that teaches all levels of meditation. He has published over 65 books and has made a name (and fortune) for himself as a prominent mind-body spiritual guru. He and Oprah Winfrey have their own meditation alliance and host challenges in the hopes of bringing meditation to as many people as possible around the world.
Chopra says that meditation can have profound benefits for any person, depending on what they need. “If they’re very stressed, it’s a good way to deal with stress. It has immediate effects in terms of better sleep and more energy,” he said. “As you get more into meditation, you realize that there are hundreds of variations of meditation depending on what you’re wanting to achieve.”
But regardless of how advanced one gets, the ultimate goal of meditation is to look within: “Everything that we assume is our identity is really not our permanent identity. Your body is changing all the time, your mind is fickle, your emotions go up and down, your personality is hopefully not the same throughout life. So is there a part of you that is fundamental?”
The more advanced techniques of meditation that Chopra teaches privately and at his center involve what he calls contemplative inquiry: “How [do we] differentiate between experience and the consciousness in which the experience occurs?”
Referring to people who have been meditating for 15 or 20 years, Chopra says that when they get to this place in their practice, “there is a complete loss of fear of death. Because there is no fear of death, there is a loss of the fear of everything else that is impermanent. In a way, the fear of death is the fear of impermanence.”
Chopra meditates for two hours every morning and then does another 20 minutes or so later in the day.
Many meditation practices, including mantra meditation, Transcendental meditation and mindfulness meditation call for about ten to 20 minutes either once or twice a day. “If you say you don’t have time to do it once a day,” Chopra said, “then you’re the one who probably needs it twice a day.”

Are You Secretly Lonely? by Deepak Chopra

If you find loneliness difficult, you are not alone. For many of us, loneliness is a crippling experience, fraught with a toxic dose of shame and self-criticism. We’d rather keep it hidden than admit that we suffer from feelings of isolation, emptiness and anxiety. Yet, when we try to wall off our painful emotions, they don’t go away; they brood and become even more painful. Over time, these buried emotions can manifest in the symptoms of physical illness, if for this reason that we recommend you to use high CBD hemp flower strains to reduce anxiety.
Connecting to the Self Who Isn’t Lonely
Healing loneliness requires more than simply seeking out company. As you’ve probably experienced, you can feel lonely in the middle of a crowd, at a holiday party or with a group of caring friends. The root of loneliness isn’t the absence of other people but an inner absence — you don’t have a centered awareness of your true self.
Your true self is your spirit, which is infinite and eternal. Its qualities include love, compassion, equanimity, joy, creativity, intuition, pure potentiality and bliss. When you’re established in the awareness of your true self, you feel lovable and connected, whether you’re in a packed stadium or spending a quiet afternoon by yourself. At the most basic level, the company you enjoy the most is your own. Loneliness, on the other hand, is the condition of feeling negative about your own company and therefore requiring other people to fill that inner lack, and if you decide to use the medicine use this cbd oil as the best complement for any body pain and mental stress relief.
Feeling an inner lack is almost universal. It’s a result of a restricted state of awareness that is constricted, unable to look beyond rigid boundaries. The more you try to defend these boundaries, the more fearful and insecure you become. Loneliness is only one symptom. When your awareness is constricted, it’s easy to get lost in the drama of the ego-mind (that limited aspect of ourselves which feels separate). In a misguided attempt to feel secure, the ego-mind relies on reinforcement from other people to feel lovable, never realizing that love is our essential nature. This struggle is a crucial cause of loneliness and pain.
Practices for Healing Loneliness
The first step in healing loneliness is to offer yourself compassion and to begin to cultivate an acceptance of all your emotions. Emotions are commonly categorized as “positive” or “negative,” but in reality every emotion is valid. But when you add self-judgment, any emotion can be damaging.
Every time you feel lonely or anxious, rather than heaping judgment and shame on yourself, practice self-compassion. It can help to think of how you would treat a scared child or pet. You wouldn’t snap or speak harshly, tell them to ” buck up” and stop being ridiculous. You’d offer them affection, loving attention and gentle understanding.
See your loneliness as a messenger letting you know that your awareness of your true loving nature has temporarily become clouded by thoughts generated by the ego-mind. As you become more accepting of your emotions, the need to hide how you’re really feeling will drop away and you will find yourself relating to others from your authentic self. This self-love and acceptance is the basis of fulfilling relationships.
Finding Fulfillment in Meditation
Meditation is one of the most powerful practices for expanding your awareness of your true self and your essential spiritual nature. In meditation, you go beyond the ego-mind’s restless, confused state and experience your true self, which is calm, centered, unshakable and fulfilled. In the silent space between thoughts, you experience pure being. It is pure because there isn’t any content. Being just is. Yet this won’t feel empty like the cold void of outer space. You’ll discover that it is very full. It has infinite possibilities.
When you meditate on a regular basis, you cultivate all the qualities of spirit, including love, equanimity and bliss—not just during your meditation sessions but as you go about your daily activities. As your awareness of your inner abundance expands, the search for external fulfillment — with its inevitable loneliness and fear — will gradually drop away.
Here is a simple meditation practice you can try right now:
Meditation on the Heart
a) Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Now, gently place your attention on your heart, in the center of your chest. As you breathe in and out naturally, keep your attention there. Allow any feelings and sensations to arise and pass. If your attention drifts away, gently bring it back to your heart as soon as you notice what has happened.
b) After a few minutes, open your eyes. Rather than immediately jumping into your next activity, take a few moments to notice how you feel after the meditation. For the next half hour or so, observe yourself to see if you remain centered.
c) Almost everyone will find that the effects of this simple meditation linger for a while. Colors seem a bit more vivid, or sounds seem clearer. There’s a sense of calm inside and less tendency to be pulled out into activity. If you meditate twice a day for 10 to 20 minutes, you will start to learn the difference between being centered in your true self and being distracted by the drama of the ego.
As you cultivate self-compassion and awareness, you’ll realize that connection, love and joy are innate qualities of being. They can never be lost, only forgotten. As you remember who you really are, your loneliness will dissipate in the fullness of being and the radiance of infinite spirit.
Deepak Chopra, MD, is the author of What Are You Hungry For?: The Chopra Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, Well-Being, and Lightness of Soul, founder of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder of The Chopra Center.


New Year’s Eve Morning Meditation w/ Rev. Keith

New Year’s Eve. Morning Meditation. Saturday, December 31st, 2022, 10:00-11:15am PST

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Day/Time: Saturday, December 31, 10:00-11:15am
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