Oneness Kirtan Band Concert

Please join us for a high vibration concert with the Oneness Kirtan band and a powerful Oneness Blessing.

The Oneness Kirtan Band was created to promote and support Oneness within ourselves, with one another, with nature, with God/Spirit/Divine through music, chant, devotional songs and the Oneness Blessing.

“Kirtan (chanting) is part of the path of Devotional Yoga. It is usually done in Sanskrit language which is an ancient Indian language that has strong energetic and vibrational components. When we chant there is a powerful vibrational effect that happens in the body and affects our minds and spirit and brings calm and helps release the mind from its chatter. It has a powerful heart-opening effect as well.”

Find out more about Kirtan here!

The Oneness Kirtan Band Concert is the culmination of Soul Center OC’s 4-Year Anniversary Month Celebration!

Sunday, January 28, 2018
Early bird ticket $22.
Oneness Blessers $15 at the door.