‘The Life You are Called To’ by Jason D. Mitchell


Let’s talk simply and directly today.  What’s the difference between the life you have and the life you are called to?  I didn’t say the life you want because everything we want in life isn’t good for us.  Every want we have doesn’t serve our highest good. Do you know what you’re called to?  Do you know that there is a calling on your life? Before we can begin to compare our current life with our calling, we must know our calling right?  You may now know the purpose you are called to serve and you may not know what it is supposed to look like in terms of a career or where you serve humanity but let me tell you a few things that we are all called to. See how land within you.

  • You are called to be a beneficial presence on the planet.  Not merely to exist but as a creation of The Creator who knows only growth, expansion and progression, you are called to this yourself!
  • You are called to be love, experience love and express love.  Not merely romantic or familial. Love that is sacred and powerful, magic and wonderful, intimate and healing.
  • You are called to be peace. Not passivity but a dynamic expression of harmonizing goodness. You are called to be peace, actively as a quality that brings ourworld into alignment and balance.
  • You are called to be abundance. This isn’t merely financial but it is that also. You are called to produce and bring forth from within and through you, into life, more than what was before you arrived on the planet.
  • You are called to be joy. The high frequency of de-Light which is not based upon conditions and circumstances. It is innate and rooted in the celebration of existence. You are joy because you exist.
  • You are called to beauty.  Notice I did not just say be beauty or beautiful. Beauty is your calling and in answer to it you radiate beauty, you recognize beauty, you share beauty with the world and you are it’s living expression.

There is so much you are called to that you can know as the experience of your life today. Wholeness, perfection, harmony, balance, and more; are right here within you.

So, let’s return to the original question. What’s the difference between the life that you have and the life that you are called to? Your answers will guide you on the path to a greater realization of this and more as your life. Take this on today. Are you willing?

In service to love,

Stay Focused, Your Worlds Need You by Jason D. Mitchell

Yes (insert crisis, horrible news event here) is going on. Now, that we’ve acknowledged it, let me remind you not to lose focus. Whether we realize it or not there is always a crisis going on and there is always something in the news that is painful to learn about and challenges how we see humanity. Whether it is war, police brutality, domestic violence, suicide, abuse of power, rape, or anything else our individual lives and how we walk in this world must remain our primary focus. Don’t get confused, I’m not suggesting ignoring these things but we must continue to focus on our role in the many worlds within which we exist. Yes, many worlds.

While no one is an island unto themselves, it is essential that we get a hold of the world within our own minds. We must not only become aware of our thoughts but we must align them with Truth. We cannot be tossed to and fro by every news story or social media post. It is essential that you have an active spiritual practice (prayer, meditation, spiritual study, etc.) that allows you to clear the lens through which you see the world and how you live your life (on purpose, with a purpose.) The world that is your family needs you to be able to stay focused on your children, siblings, family, and loved ones who need you to be able to hold the high watch over them. The colleagues that you’ve been called to work with (and some of us really must awaken to this reality) have been gifted with your consciousness in the place where you all maintain your livelihood. This is not by chance. You must maintain your focus on the eternal truth without getting caught upon the distractions that can occur on the job or in your profession. The worlds that are your city, your state, your county, your nation. The worlds that are your social circles, social organizations, professional organizations… they all require our hearts and minds to be focused on so much more than (insert crisis, horrible news event here.)


When we woke up yesterday I don’t think any of us were confused about the state of the world. Last year before the primary election took place we knew there was more going on than just (crisis/event.) 10 years before that we knew. Didn’t we? Because there is always something going on and we are continually reminded that we must actively engaged in choosing higher. We must be actively practicing a way of being in the world that creates a world that works for everyone. This isn’t in reaction to an event or crisis, it is because every day, every hour, every minute there is a need for more love, more peace, more grace, and more compassion–which can only come into the world through us.

Stay focused my friends. Our worlds need us today more than ever!


In service to love,


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INDOMITABLE LOVE by Jason D. Mitchell.

image from JasonINDOMITABLE LOVE

It hurts. Some days more than others, to be human. I wonder what it would be like if we measured the birth pains of all the mothers of this world on a single day and compared them with the pain humanity is experiencing on that day. So much pain. And with all of this pain we endure.

I sit with the very real pain of mothers who bury their children, lovers whose partners lives are snatched from them hours before their sacred wedding day. I hear the cries of a son realizing his daddy will not be there to teach him how to be better than him. I mourn those lives snatched away by bullets and bombs, on blocks or in busy shopping districts. I witness loved ones searching the rubble for family members they dropped off to go shopping or standing outside of schools where they sent their children to learn. And I wonder what lessons we’re learning.

Each day, in some city, in some place around the world mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, sisters, friends and lovers ask what it is going to take for our world to change. The breaking of our hearts, the shattering of illusions that it won’t happen to us is calling upon us to relinquishing all trust in a system based on consumption. Consuming not only products and services but people and in the worst of cases, spirits as well. For that is where the path leads if we remain on it.

Yet, as I look around I’m reminded by each person I see that there is something more at hand. It is difficult to see and at times impossible to feel. We might forget until someone else shares it and we remember that, we are more than this. Then like a blade of light piercing the darkness a new thought finds it’s way through and we recognize that we are still alive. We might not call this living but this breath we’ve heaving isn’t a lie. No, the lie is what has been and again we remember, we aren’t broken. No matter how much pain we’ve endured, it has not broken us and even though we feel broken the Truth can again be heard, that we are more than this.

And we tap into our cellular memory and recall that something within us we’ve inherited from our ancestors. Without knowing how we find our way up off the floor. As the tears leave a trail of salt upon our face a surge of strength and power can be sensed. It takes a while, as if one by one each cell in our body is involved in a chain breaking reaction. Our senses become acute, and the sirens fade as our Spirit hears the clarion call and we answer. We won’t be silent, that’s no longer in us. We won’t be blinded, it’s not with our eyes that we see. We cannot sleep because this world has awakened us.

It isn’t our anger that call us, nor is it our pain. Injustice is neither our inspiration nor the driving force of our lives. It is something more than all of this and has neither limits nor conditions. It is love. Before this world there was love. Before any person dominated another there was love. Before nations were divided, cultures were exploited, rain forests were depleted and corporations began to frack things up, there was love. Love will not allow us to remain silent to the abuse of powers and the neglect of those in need. Love will not allow lies to divide us, love won’t be conquered. Love will not allow us to remain on the sidelines, witnessing the plights of others and go shopping. Love reminds us of what happened to others as they were shopping and vanquishes the fear as we act. This isn’t romance or a script, it is the Truth of our existence. The strength of souls is unbreakable, the fire in our Spirt is unquenchable of the love that we are is indomitable. The world will continue to spread its lies and with our indomitable loving we’ll reshape this world in our image; LOVE!

I love you today, I love you always in all ways!

In service to love,

Joy As Your Life

Jason smiling 2JOY AS YOUR LIFE by Jason D. Mitchell.

Why would anyone ever choose to be sad? It’s such an unpleasant experience. Why would anyone choose to be depressed or angry? These experiences aren’t exactly filled with smiles and laughter. Yes, we all experience sadness, depression and anger at some point. Some people are even known for being angry while others must wrestle with stereotypes when they have a moment of upset and express it. Honestly I don’t believe it is quite this simple. People don’t choose these types of feelings or states of being like toppings on a sandwich, “extra tomatoes and cayenne please.” However when we are dealing with our emotions one practice we can take on is joy.

Joy is not an emotion. This an important note because it is actually a Divine Quality. Joy, is among the spiritual qualities like abundance, harmony, balance, oneness that describe both creation and The Creator. Joy is not subjective like happiness is. Joy exists as a constant within our heart and while our emotions may cloud it, joy can still be experienced in the fog of anger or depression. Joy is that which we experience when we find ourselves deeply sad over the passing of a loved one yet sort of smiling on the inside as we remember them. Joy transcends our emotional states and gives us access to the eternal Reality where the all good of God is known and experienced.

There’s a lot more to joy than we give our attention to and far too often it is confused with happiness, which is based on happenings. Today, I invite you to look within your heart see if you can find that place of joy which exists regardless of circumstances. Find that joy that vibrates within you even when you find yourself missing someone. Find that joy that reminds you that just because a relationship has ended doesn’t mean that it is the end of the goodness that is your life. Tap into that space and place within your consciousness that always seeks to shine, radiate and even celebrate Life itself.  This is the Truth about you. This is who you really are. You are not the transitory, conditional states of being that appear and disappear depending upon mood and circumstance.  No!  You are absolute joy! So much so that yes, you’ll have moments of anger and sadness but you are joy as manifest reality and those moments will not last.  Oh yes joy cometh in the morning…in the afternoon and the evening.  Joy IS, always, in all ways, as your very life!

Can you sense it?