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Surrendered by Keen Nichols

by Mar 3, 2015Uncategorized


Seeing ceased and being wandered home.
My eyes ne’er stray outside your glorious rays –
Toward you I can only roam.
Blindly, never again will I fight.
Surrender sight.

Voice vanquished and truth claimed me mute.
Silent still, my heart humbly plead its’ case –
I can no longer refute.
Breathless, heaven I faithfully beseech.
Surrender speech.

Feelings flowed and touch absorbed the air.
Perception brushed against my body –
Tingling inside the breadth of your care.
Boundless, spirit I invoke.
Surrender stroke.

Fragrance flourished and aroma filled my aura.
Essence’s bouquet flowered a thousand ways –
Lavishing delightfully in the fertileness of your flora.
Bountifully, I begin my ascent.
Surrender scent.

Taste taught and flavor fed my craving.
Delicious ate me whole –
Hungrily devoured by your saving.
Biting free of slavery.
Surrender savory.

Hearing housed and ears apprehended all chatter.
Heeding deaf to confusion –
Clarity overheard your whisper and nothing else could matter.
Boldly, all noise drowned.
Surrender sound.

Nothing else to see, say, touch, smell, taste or hear…
Nothing can separate us now –
Nothing manufactured or materially rendered.
I’ve given myself to thee and with bended knees I’ve prayed –
I’ve surrendered.

Blessed, at your expense…

Surrendered Since.

Copyright 2008, Keen, all rights reserved