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Speak this Word by Jason D. Mitchell, ALSP

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**Warning: Reading the following may change your life….


The following is meant to be read silently or aloud, once or twice, every hour or until you realize these Truths about yourself.

I AM grateful for life and the experience of the journey.
I AM alive for a reason and my purpose is continually revealed to me.
I AM continually awakening and my understanding is expansive.
I AM fully equipped, supplied and provided for.
I AM one with all life
I AM patient, sowing seeds of love, peace and joy.
I AM harvesting in abundance where I have and where I haven’t.
I AM at home everywhere I go, in all settings and situations.
I AM the presence of love, harmony and joy wherever I go.

There are no obstacles that are too big for me.
There is no experience or situation that overwhelms me.
The conditions and facts of situations and circumstances do not define me.
The heat of the moment meets the coolness of my consciousness revealing the perfect conditions.
There are no glass ceilings, limitations or boundaries that can restrict the realization of the dreams, visions or plans Spirit has given me.
There is one power, one authority and It has sanctioned my journey.
The same power that animates my life activates the creative genius and brilliance that uniquely reveals itself as me.
I do not carry burdens, live through the past or linger in unforgiveness.
My burden is light. My burden is LIGHT…MY BURDEN IS LIGHT and brings illumination, elucidation and edification.

I am overjoyed to know the truth of who I AM.
My walk, dance, laugh and smile celebrate all of life’s journeys.
I accept who I’ve been, where I’ve been and know that today I am not that nor am I there.
Today I am free to be the full expression of Life in a way It has never been before.
Abundance is the reality of my existence.
All concepts of lack are dissolved and impoverished mindsets become fertile and fruitful in the field of my conscious awareness.
Peace saturates my mind and penetrates the calcified impossibilities.

Love is upon me as a blanket of dew in the morning.
Love holds my hand, lifts me up, guides and comforts.
Love is always, was always and will be always in all ways.
Love graces, discerns and imbues me.
Love allows my tears to nourish the garden of my conscious awareness.
Love is my way of being in the world.
Love is all there is!

That’s it and that’s all!
No doubt about it and that’s about IT!