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soul center oc prayer chaplaincy program

by Jun 19, 2023


soul center oc prayer chaplaincy program
A Soul Center OC Prayer Chaplain is trained and licensed in the New Thought teachings of affirmative prayer, and can pray with others. A Prayer Chaplain is someone who evokes Grace, can create and hold sacred space for themselves and others. To hold sacred space means to embrace a consciousness and Divine power of God’s Truth and healing.
A Prayer Chaplain has taken all the required classes and is trained in the Universal Principals and Laws observed by Soul Center OC in alignment with Agape International Spiritual Center.

In the Prayer Chaplaincy Program you may choose to become Licensed or Certified. Both Licensed and Certified Prayer Chaplains must complete all required classes and curriculum assignments. A Licensed Prayer Chaplain is one who would like to serve the Soul Center OC community, locally and/or remotely, by participating in the protocols listed below. A Certified Prayer Chaplain is not obligated to our community and may add their certification to aid their professional practice or their life in general. To maintain their license, a Licensed Prayer Chaplain must comply with annual continuing education to keep their practice fresh and expand it. Continuing education is optional for Certified Prayer Chaplains. Once the program is complete, both licensed and certified Prayer Chaplains are eligible for reduced pricing on continuing education classes offered by Soul Center OC.

A Certified Soul Center Prayer Chaplain may use their certification in their private practice as a healer, therapist, wholistic practitioner, in their own community and with family members and friends.

Licensed Prayer Chaplains have committed to serving our community by being available for individual prayer after services and by phone that meet a minimum hourly requirement.

Licensed Prayer Chaplains occasionally may make in person hospital or home visits during challenging times.

All Prayer Chaplains maintain a code of ethics and confidentiality and are mindful of any state or federal laws thereof. Prayer chaplains are individuals steeped and certified in the principles of affirmative prayer and are not New Thought Spiritual Counselors (ALSP; RScP).

Becoming a Prayer Chaplain:
The prayer chaplaincy program is for those who are looking to deepen their connection to Spirit though prayer and service. SCOC Prayer Chaplains serve the congregation by offering individual prayer on Sunday mornings and through telephone call prayer requests as needed. Prayer Chaplains connect to the community in a deep and meaningful way by holding sacred space and practicing kindness and compassion.

The commitment to become a Soul Center OC Prayer Chaplain begins with a simple application and interview to welcome you into the program. There is a small non-refundable application fee to begin the process and help cover administrative costs. If a required class has been taken prior to entering into the program, the class(es) will be reviewed for consideration of program fulfillment. Some classes from other spiritual centers will also be considered.

Below is an outline of required classes to complete the program. In some cases alternate classes may serve as a substitute for those listed and will be announced as such.

Introduction to Prayer Chaplaincy  (One time 4 hour class)

  • Universal Laws and Principles of Spiritual life
  • Confidentiality and Boundaries
  • Responsibilities and Conduct

Satiating Prayer 5 week class (Or equivalent) 

  • Foundations of Affirmative Prayer

Meditation, a Joyous Practice 4 week class (Or equivalent) 

  • Fundamentals of centering and principles of meditation

Praying on Purpose 5 week class (Or equivalent) 

  • Forgiveness
  • Grief and loss
  • Prosperity
  • Health and wellness

Life Visioning (5 week class)

Prayer Practicum (One time 4 hour class)

  • Review and practice affirmative prayer with/for others & types of prayer
  • Understanding vigil

Ethics and Oaths of a Prayer Chaplain (One time 4 hour class)

  • Chaplain code of ethics
  • Continuing Education
  • Guidelines and the law
  • Being of service