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‘Nothing is Missing’ by Dr. Diana D. Light

by Jan 28, 2019Uncategorized


“Nothing is Missing”

I remember as if it was yesterday, when Peggy Bassett, a Leading New Thought Minister, said, “You are Divine!”

I remember thinking, “Maybe you are Honey, but you don’t know me! I am NOT Divine! I am a sinner. I have been told that I am a sinner All My Life!”

I grew up feeling that “Something was missing.” I felt an emptiness that no one or nothing could fill. I felt so alone, I wanted to die. I asked Jesus for Love or Death! I was all of seventeen.

Jesus presented himself to me in full illumination. He radiated Love through His Light. He told me I could have either. The choice was mine and mine alone. He assured me whichever I chose He would Love me.

After that encounter, I never felt empty again. His radiant Light filled me with the Love my life seemed to be missing. It wasn’t until Peggy said I was Divine that I finally realized, “Nothing was Missing” in my life.

It was some time later, I took on the middle name of “Divine” in hopes that maybe someday I could claim my Divinity and be as Peggy had said, “Divine!”

The day has come. This is the day! I declare me “Divine!” I am Divine!

I know from the depth of my Soul that God created me in His Likeness and Image and “God does Not create Junk!”

Within me, a Spark of the Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent Presence lives and has His Being. Within me All Love, All Light and All Creative Wonder exists! I shine as a Beacon of Light remembering who I am, “My Wholeness,” and my Light illuminates my Love-filled Life.

My Light precedes my footsteps and Lights my Path of Goodness, Truth and an extraordinary Life filled to the top and overflowing with Love. Every moment I feel Blessed by my Life and its enfoldment of Good, Creativity and Joy!

The more gratitude I express in my Life, the more God gives me to be grateful for. I cannot out give God! The more I give gratitude for people and things in my Life, the more gratitude expands my reasons to be grateful! I feel more Love and Light the more it floods through me to others.

Divine? What else could it be? Yes, Peggy, I am Divine! Yes, being in Gratitude is a Divine Circle of Gladness ever spiraling my Life into more and more Divinity. I say Yes! I say Thank you! I say Being Divine expands “Who I thought I was not” into “the Essence of Who I really am.”

I am Good

I am Present

I am Awake

I am Juicy!

I am Alive!

I am here as Love Enfolding

I am here as Love experiencing itself

I drink in my own Divinity

Would you like to drink in your Divinity and join me in a toast?

We are all Divine

We always were

We always will be

Divine is the Path, we do not have to travel, to get to where we already are Loving the Journey is the Path,

Divinity is the Center, ever expanding

“Who We All Ready Are!”

Dr. Diana Divine Light©January 27, 2019
Revised and Inspired by Rev. Keith Horwitz