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‘The Life You are Called To’ by Jason D. Mitchell

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Let’s talk simply and directly today.  What’s the difference between the life you have and the life you are called to?  I didn’t say the life you want because everything we want in life isn’t good for us.  Every want we have doesn’t serve our highest good. Do you know what you’re called to?  Do you know that there is a calling on your life? Before we can begin to compare our current life with our calling, we must know our calling right?  You may now know the purpose you are called to serve and you may not know what it is supposed to look like in terms of a career or where you serve humanity but let me tell you a few things that we are all called to. See how land within you.

  • You are called to be a beneficial presence on the planet.  Not merely to exist but as a creation of The Creator who knows only growth, expansion and progression, you are called to this yourself!
  • You are called to be love, experience love and express love.  Not merely romantic or familial. Love that is sacred and powerful, magic and wonderful, intimate and healing.
  • You are called to be peace. Not passivity but a dynamic expression of harmonizing goodness. You are called to be peace, actively as a quality that brings ourworld into alignment and balance.
  • You are called to be abundance. This isn’t merely financial but it is that also. You are called to produce and bring forth from within and through you, into life, more than what was before you arrived on the planet.
  • You are called to be joy. The high frequency of de-Light which is not based upon conditions and circumstances. It is innate and rooted in the celebration of existence. You are joy because you exist.
  • You are called to beauty.  Notice I did not just say be beauty or beautiful. Beauty is your calling and in answer to it you radiate beauty, you recognize beauty, you share beauty with the world and you are it’s living expression.

There is so much you are called to that you can know as the experience of your life today. Wholeness, perfection, harmony, balance, and more; are right here within you.

So, let’s return to the original question. What’s the difference between the life that you have and the life that you are called to? Your answers will guide you on the path to a greater realization of this and more as your life. Take this on today. Are you willing?

In service to love,