Rev. Keith Horwitz Spiritual Director

Spiritual Director

Rev. Keith is a Licensed Practitioner, Minister and Faculty member at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA. A devout animal lover, Rev. Keith has been leading the Animal Kinship Ministry at Agape since 2007. He also is a Founder and Spiritual Director at Aum & Garden, a metaphysical events and retail center in Sherman Oaks, CA. www.aumandgarden.com

Rev. Keith has been practicing and teaching Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) since 2002. He is a certified evolutionary Astrologer and Yoga Nidra Facilitator.
He speaks and facilitates workshops on metaphysics, intuitive development and Divine energy medicine.

Rev. Keith’s passion is helping people to live healthy joy-filled lives, by assisting them to release unhealthy patterns and/or trauma, making it easier to connect with their true passions for living rich and fulfilling lives. He strongly believes that a spiritual practice, education, loving compassion, being of service, joy and fun are some of the most important ingredients to achieving wellness and happiness – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Rev. Keith is a huge advocate of self-care and empowerment and regularly facilitates classes throughout the U.S.A. focusing on Divine energy medicine, holistic wellness, science & spirituality, meditation and nature retreats.
Rev. Keith believes that all paths can lead to spiritual liberation, and that practicing the cornerstones of meditation, affirmative living and prayer, and gratitude on a regular basis cultivate the experience of wellness and joy – bliss! He is deeply grateful for all the amazing gurus, mentors, angels, family and friends in his life.

Patricia Griffith & Jessica Susolik


Co-Founders Patricia Griffith and Jessica Susolik at Peace OC, the Orange County Peace Event, presented by Soul Center OC.

Jason D. Mitchell, ALSP

Guest Speaker

Kim Stanwood Terranova, ALSP

Guest Speaker

Akili Beckwith, ALSP

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith celebrates Soul Center OC’s 5th Anniversary
What is the Prayer through the hardest of times? LOVE IS HERE by Rev Michael
Keeper of the Vision

Co-Founder and “Keeper of the Vision” Jessica Susolik shares the driving vision of Soul Center OC.

Pray for Peace

‘Pray for Peace’ from PEACE OC, the Peace Event presented by Soul Center OC.
With Jessica Martindale, Ray Davis, Rina Cervantes, Jesse Godoy, David Odom, Gabe Rosales, Jimi Etherington, Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra and the Agape International Spiritual Center Youth Choir.

And So It IS!

Soul Center OC Music Video ~ ‘And So It IS!’ Written and produced  by David Abravanel, with Rina Cervantes, Vocals; Jesse Godoy, Guitar; Lacey Johnson, Keyboard, and David Odom, Drums.

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Since I have been attending Soul Center I have more Joy & Love in my life and less fear & stress. There are wonderful connections with kind and joyful people. The entire experience has enriched my life.

Elizabeth Kiley

Soul Center is where I come to connect with the Divine and my Spiritual Community.  I  feel the true Agape spirit!  Sunday is uplifting, filled with beautiful music, and a message delivered with Love. Sunday inspires you to see how magnificent you are. I am so enjoying the amazing speakers, and the fun activities at Soul Center.


I am so grateful to have found an open, loving, and accepting Spiritual community dedicated to seeking the highest values in truth, love and peace.


My journey changed my life. I feel connected to a community that supports and encourages me, as I evolve. I am forever grateful.