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Joy As Your Life

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Jason smiling 2JOY AS YOUR LIFE by Jason D. Mitchell.

Why would anyone ever choose to be sad? It’s such an unpleasant experience. Why would anyone choose to be depressed or angry? These experiences aren’t exactly filled with smiles and laughter. Yes, we all experience sadness, depression and anger at some point. Some people are even known for being angry while others must wrestle with stereotypes when they have a moment of upset and express it. Honestly I don’t believe it is quite this simple. People don’t choose these types of feelings or states of being like toppings on a sandwich, “extra tomatoes and cayenne please.” However when we are dealing with our emotions one practice we can take on is joy.

Joy is not an emotion. This an important note because it is actually a Divine Quality. Joy, is among the spiritual qualities like abundance, harmony, balance, oneness that describe both creation and The Creator. Joy is not subjective like happiness is. Joy exists as a constant within our heart and while our emotions may cloud it, joy can still be experienced in the fog of anger or depression. Joy is that which we experience when we find ourselves deeply sad over the passing of a loved one yet sort of smiling on the inside as we remember them. Joy transcends our emotional states and gives us access to the eternal Reality where the all good of God is known and experienced.

There’s a lot more to joy than we give our attention to and far too often it is confused with happiness, which is based on happenings. Today, I invite you to look within your heart see if you can find that place of joy which exists regardless of circumstances. Find that joy that vibrates within you even when you find yourself missing someone. Find that joy that reminds you that just because a relationship has ended doesn’t mean that it is the end of the goodness that is your life. Tap into that space and place within your consciousness that always seeks to shine, radiate and even celebrate Life itself.  This is the Truth about you. This is who you really are. You are not the transitory, conditional states of being that appear and disappear depending upon mood and circumstance.  No!  You are absolute joy! So much so that yes, you’ll have moments of anger and sadness but you are joy as manifest reality and those moments will not last.  Oh yes joy cometh in the morning…in the afternoon and the evening.  Joy IS, always, in all ways, as your very life!

Can you sense it?