June 1, 2014

There is only one Life and that Life is God, and that Life is good, and that Life is my Life now.
Knowing this, I live from high intention, purpose and calling.
I believe in my soul’s deep purpose and allow Spirit to guide all my actions with courage and grace.
I trust the Universe to hold, sustain, prosper and bless every aspect of this life.
My life is God’s Life and I live with great passion, joy and purpose NOW!

May 25, 2014

I am constantly becoming more of Who I truly am!
The realm of ever expanding good is where I live, move and have my being!
Radical Joy and infinite Love express as my very life!
My life is a practice of sacred service and infinite giving!
God is the driving force in my life, I am healed and whole!
Gratefully I live these words of truth!
And so it is! Amen!

May 18, 2014

I am a brilliant idea forever becoming my True Self!
Magnificence is the new start point for everything I do!
The great Love and Law of God directs all of my actions!
My life is a practice of sacred service and infinite giving!
Joy is! Peace is! God is! I am!
And so it is! Amen!

May 11, 2014

Today – I remember “Who” and “Who’s” I truly am!
My Life is a Celebration of Love,
I allow Love to fully express as my life!
The dynamic potential within me creates a Life of Fullness! I accept and I receive it Now!
I am an open channel revealing God’s Glory –
Potent and Powerful!
This is who I really am, This is what I know!
And so it is – Amen!!

May 4, 2014

I Am Infinite Love moving through every cell of this body, mind and Spirit.
I AM the LOVE transforming everything and transcending all limitation.
I AM the POWER of Love and It shows up as everything needed to have a fabulous experience in my life now.
I AM is the Source that shines in me now and propels all life forward!
I AM Love’s expression and I rejoice in It!
I AM so grateful, Thank you Love, Thank you Life!
And so it is!

April 27, 2014

I am a Divine Emanation of God- Bridging Heaven and Earth!
My every increasing awareness of gratitude multiplies my good!
I walk in the “no-complaint zone” of God Consciousness!
Love is the common thread that weaves all life together!
The high vibration of perfect wholeness – renews my body temple!
This is the real me! And so I let it be! Amen!

April 20, 2014

Reflections of Truth transform my life.
My Heart is a wide and willing place for
Love to be expressed!
“All things possible” is the clear lens I look out from!
Peace and Wholeness is my way and my experience!
My life is transformed – I celebrate the “I AM that I AM”
I am so very grateful!! And so I just let it be!

April 13, 2014

I am a Divine Expression of God –bridging Heaven and earth!
My eyes are open to the Goodness and the Glory of God!
I walk in the Consciousness of Truth; my Life unfolds with ease and grace!
Love is the common thread that weaves all of Life together!
My body temple is perfect, precious and whole!
This is the Real Me!! And so I just let it be!

April 6, 2014

The Fullness of God occupy’s my soul!
New Ideas form and grow in the garden of my mind!
I recognize my wholeness as I reveal my oneness in God!
My Life is fueled and funded by the perfection of Pure Spirit!
True gratitude is my constant companion!
And so it is! And so be it! Amen.

March 30, 2014

My mind is an open and clear channel for God!
I am open and available to expand and express my highest potential!
There are no limits for what is possible as my life – I reach out and claim only my Good!
I let go of the past, and step into the perfect NOW of my Life!
My body is perfect, only Wholeness expresses as my experience!
In gratitude, I Celebrate These Words of Truth!
And so it is, and so be it!