Agape Affirmation January 17th

God is conscious of Itself as me! I Am!
Thoughts of health and wholeness renew my body temple! I thrive!
Liberation flows from my oneness with God! I soar!
The heart of compassion beats within me! I Love!
My whole life is a celebration in the good of God! I am grateful!
So be it! And so it is! Amen!


Agape Affirmation January 10th

My life is lived in full participation with the Infinite!
All my relationships match the high vibration of unconditional love!
Real and meaningful changes take place in the field of my willingness!
Perfect health is my conversation, my affirmation and my demonstration!
I allow the good of God to come to me and flow through me!
Vision, infinite potential and unlimited possibilities are the fuels that drive my life!
Gratefully I live these words of truth! And so it is! Amen!


Agape Affirmation January 3rd

God is the omni activity of my life!
I sit in trust, I stand in truth and I rise in wholeness!
All the good of God comes forth from the center of my being!
Love is my life’s work and I embrace it fully!
My body temple takes on the shape of spiritual beauty and absolute wholeness!
I am an ambassador for peace and a world that works for everyone!
I believe, I receive and I am grateful! And so it is! Amen!

Agape Affirmation December 27th

The seeds of my Christ Consciousness bloom in the power of praise!
Love, prayer and generosity of Spirit lift me above all seeming limitations!
Divine right action, divine right guidance, divine right everything is my divine right! I accept it all!
Beauty, intelligence and infinite abundance govern my universe!
My commitment to peace and nonviolence makes a difference for good on this planet!
Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen

Agape Affirmation December 20th

God accomplishes all things through the high vibration of my willingness!
Unity is the essence and love is the action of all my relations!
Laughter and levity lift me out of the gravity of any experience!
Circumstances bend themselves around God’s big idea of my life!
Perfect health is the frequency, the activity and the manifestation of my body temple!
All the power, all the presence, all the plentitude of God is mine today!
Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!


Agape Affirmation December 11th

I am guided, governed, and gifted by the eternal presence of Spirit within me!
The high frequency of divine love resounds through all of my relationships!
Excellence is encoded on my soul and evident in my expression!
A consciousness of awe and wonder makes all things possible in my life!
Standing in trust I let God be God as me!
Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Agape Affirmation December 6th

I live one on one at one with the only One, God!
Cosmic good is infused in everything I do and everything I am!
The infinite ooze of unlimited possibilities is the playground of my mind!
Releasing the lesser, I embrace the next great version of who and what I am!
Beyond limitations! Above conditions! Breaking free and Being me!
Gratefully I let it be!  And so it is! Amen!

Agape Affirmation November 29th.

I am resolute in the absolute presence of God as my life!
All of the solutions to all of my challenges are already within me!
My beliefs and points of view shine the light of wisdom and compassion!
The evolutionary impulse that governs the universe propels the vision of my life!
Prosperity, health and right relations are my divine birthright fully expressed!
My life is a song of praise and thanksgiving! So be it! Amen!

Sun Rising

Agape Affirmation November 22nd.

Sun RisingI am a fully franchised expression of the all good God!
The resurrecting power of prayer lifts me above all limitations!
A field of sacred fellowship supports all of my relationships!
I am fully sourced by the richness of my soul and the opulence of my being!
My foundation is strong! My potential is activated! My blessings are assured!
And in all things I am grateful! And so it is! Amen!

Agape Affirmation November 15th.

The presence of God emerges in mighty and marvelous ways through me!
I am a carrier wave of infinite possibilities!
My life is ablaze with beauty, health and wholeness!
The quality of abundance is activated within me right now!
Peace is the seed thought of all my actions!
Gratitude is the song of my soul!
So be it!  Amen!