Gail Klein

Seeds of Love by Gail Klein

If you look deeply with openness and availability to know the truth, you will find the seeds of Love—True Love—are in your own heart.  Love is inherent in you. The presence of love can show up as longing for it in the Other.  Yet, you won’t find your love outside in somebody else.

Often, we misplace our own hearts and set them in someone else’s keeping.  Thereby we let our seeds sit in a dark place, unwatered.  Waiting for attention.  We think the problem is: ‘They have not watered me. They forgot.’  In that darkness, we create a separation.  We put the responsibility for our own inner growth in someone else’s hands.  As long as you see the power to nurture your heart as coming from somewhere outside you, you will not be connected, empowered or sense yourself as whole.

Like the plant seeking the light through the pavement, the heart will seek love.  Thus, in any moment it is also possible for a miracle to happen.  For a bud long closed to blossom.  As we uncover the layers of gross negligence, of loss, of fear, of disillusionment, of heartbreak – there’s always the seeds of love there seeking to grow – thirsty for water and hungry for nourishment and light.

Start where you are.  Water yourself.  Tell yourself how good you are.  See the beauty in your seeds of love.  Shine light on them in every moment with loving kindness.  Be to yourself a vortex of your own awakening.  Stand on your holy ground.

Just nourish yourself.  It begins now.  Place your hand on your heart.  Close your eyes.  Say to yourself, ‘I am awakening within my own heart to the love that is here, the love that I am, and the love that I always was and ever will be.’

Agape Affirmation February 9th

I am created in the image and likeness of God! Whole, complete and perfect!

The rhythm of joy and right action takes over my life!

I live in divine guidance and let God show the way!

My Gratitude and generosity prime the pump of my prosperity!

My life is a living decree of infinite possibility!

All praise and glory is to God! So be it! Amen!


Agape Affirmation January 19th

I am held in the infinite embrace of God’s love!

My life is a freewill offering of all my gifts, talents and skills!

Health is the order of my day! Wholeness reigns supreme!

The song of abundance sings itself as me! All my needs are met!

Gratitude saturates all that I think do and say! So be it! Amen!

Agape Affirmation January 5th.

Gratefully I step into this New Year awake, aware and authentically me!
The love of God operates through my open, happy heart!
I am a master of divine substance creating wealth wherever I go!
Made in the image and likeness of God;
I am whole, healthy and complete!
The conditions are perfect for the miracle of me to express!
My high resolve and clear intention make this the best year of my life!
So be it! Amen

Agape Affirmation December 29th

I let the expanded nature of God take over my life!

The vibration of creation expresses through my hands, my heart and my mind!

The language of love speaks through all my conversations!

I am rock solid in the awareness and demonstration of true abundance!

My gratitude opens doors and activates unlimited opportunities!

This moment is a new beginning for my life!
And so it is! Amen


Agape Affirmation December 8th

The seeds of my Christ Consciousness bloom in the power of praise!

Love, prayer and generosity of Spirit lift me above all seeming limitations!

Divine right action, divine right guidance, divine right everything is my divine
right! I accept it all!

Beauty, intelligence and infinite abundance govern my universe!

My commitment to peace and nonviolence makes a difference for good on this

Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen.!



Agape Affirmation

My high focus and deep resolve activate God’s vision for my life!

The gifts of divinity are mine! Freely given and fully received!

True abundance flows from the well of my God consciousness!

My body temple is a perfect idea backed by unlimited and potent potential!

I live, move and have my beingness in a field of

gratitude and appreciation!

God is! And so it is! Amen



Agape Affirmation November 17th

Today I lift my vibration, expand my horizons and set myself free!

God is the unfailing, unlimited source of my supply!
I believe and I receive!

I am a global citizen anchoring peace and oneness everywhere I go!

Revelations of health and wholeness vitalize my body temple!

My authentic aliveness inspires me to claim my true identity!

I am a descended master here to reveal heaven on earth!

Gratefully I give my gifts and live these words of truth!

And so it is! Amen


Forgiveness by Marsha Straubing, ALSP

Certainly the world would be cured of all its ills if we, as a human race, developed and practiced a constant attitude of Forgiveness.
And what a wonderful world it would be.  Mostly we could sit back and relax… trusting ourselves and others to take responsibility for their projections and when things go phooey at work or at home there would be a sense that each side of an argument or misunderstanding would quickly go through a forgiveness process that would result in a resolution that looks and feels like love.  Well-being would be easily restored.

In the interim, as we are in the process of solidifying forgiveness as a dedicated way of life, we have forgiveness as a gigantic safety net…waiting patiently for us to fall into its loving arms when we are struggling with some judgment that is disturbing our peace.  If we dive into the safety net of forgiveness, not only does it support us by guiding us back to ourselves and back to love, but the impact causes us to bounce back just a little higher than before.  Our vibration rises.  Most likely it will be easier next time and even easier the time after.  Soon, the occasional falling into forgiveness by default, perhaps after all else failed, becomes more of a habit than a conscious practice and soon, a way of life.  Now the strength of forgiveness is no longer outside of us and we can remove the net as the process has become internalized. Forgiveness is what we do.  Forgiveness is who we are.

So, over time, we remove the training wheels and take off with confidence that we have embodied a way of life that is steeped in an understanding of Universal Law that allows us to Forgive and Love, Love and Forgive until all there is, is Love!


Agape Affirmation November 3rd

The vibration of the most high God is active within me right here, right now!

My body temple clothes my spirit with beauty, health and wholeness!

The path of my evolution unfolds before me! I am guided!

An environment of love and safety surrounds me always! I am protected!

A well spring of infinite good sources me fully! I am supplied

Lifted in the power of gratitude I let it be. And so it is! Amen!