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BALANCE. In this World. Not of it.

by Jan 19, 2016Uncategorized


BALANCE – In this World, Not of it.

by Jason De.Mitchell

How does one balance the recognition that they are a spiritual being with their human incarnation? This is one of the great questions of life. It can be asked many ways and yet the reconciliation of this question has an impact upon all of us. Our human experience is often filled with limiting ideas; restrictions and constrictions. How do we experience being human and not forget that we are not merely human? How do we sustain our spiritual beingness without neglecting our humanity? It is a question of balance.
Think of water. When we’re making our tea, we want it piping hot. When we want to take a relaxing bath we don’t want the rolling boil nor do we want a chill. When our muscles are aching an ice cold tub of water is healing and rejuvenating. There’s a balance that must be struck with water because it has many uses. In other words we don’t want to experience water the same way all of the time. As such we must find a balance that allows us to enjoy the exquisite tastes and flavors of humanity without losing our connection to the infinite; our divine tryst. All around us there are abuses of humanity that take the forms of violence, sexism, ageism, racism, prejudice, homophobia, transphobia, domestic violence etc. The evolution of our society has brought a great deal of freedom and liberty for groups who had once been so marginalized that their murders could be looked at as sport and their deaths weren’t worth investigating.
We are not here to be so caught up in the human experience that we lose the divine qualities within us that separate us from the other animals of the earth. To what do you hold true? What principles do you live your life in accordance with? What is your reminder when things in this world seem so desperate? You must have practice of mindfulness that allow your to remember to remember. You are of this world, a member of the human species and yet you are divine in origin. One key to keep on hand must be an ability to recognize the divine all around you. Everywhere you are, God is. There is no place where the Presence is not. You can neither hide from Spirit nor stray so far from it as to beyond it’s reach.
Today, take a look at the news, scroll through social media and remember to remember. See what comes up when you listen to some of the tragic stories that are unfolding. Be vigilant as you observe your thoughts and all them to raise and fall without attachment to them. The one that knows who they are does not live according to the illusions. No matter how fantastic, the knowledge of our divinity changes everything as we begin to live IT as our reality!

In Service to Love,