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Playing Free Slot Games Online in Your Mobile Devices

Many people want to know about the free slot machines that most casinos have available to perform with. Some gamers are set off by the idea of playing a system for which they must pay cash, but it’s necessary to understand that most casinos offer free slot games as well as paying games. This usually […]

The Best Bitcoin Casino

Best payout bitcoindirectory is presently the best bitcoin casino with fair play and high payout. This online casino has a lot of selections for the gamer to choose, with different themes and various payout structures. Additionally, it offers options for five-reel, three-reel and jackpot slots, all of which can be equally enjoyable to perform

Online Casino Games for Fun – Real Money Wins

There are many reasons to play at no cost online casinos in the coming year. The first reason? If you play the top games on the internet, you will have loads of enjoyment. Casino gambling online is an excellent way to practice and get used to the rules. Additionally, playing online casino games can improve […]

Bring on the Light by Rev. Karen Wylie

Bring on the Light! This morning I awoke to these words and wrote them down on the tablet beside my bed.  I knew it was a message from God. Bring on the light my Beloveds!  Do not, for a moment, think that you and your light and love make no difference in this worry weary […]

Popular Online Casino Games

Internet casinos, also called virtual online casinos, are somewhat similar to real internet casinos but occur over the Internet. It’s also a popular type of internet gambling. Online casinos provide an interface that 5 dragons appears and operates like a traditional casino.1 benefit of playing online casino

Agape Affirmation October 10th

Everything about me proclaims the good of God almighty! Peace by peace the beloved community is anchored through me! I live in alignment with God’s big idea for my life! My miracle consciousness blesses everyone I meet! Divine and compelling right action orders my days and my ways! Gracefully and gratefully I let it be! […]

Agape Affirmation October 3rd

I am rooted in the rich soil of God consciousness! The fire of my imagination ignites the divine potential within me! A perfect pattern of absolute wholeness shapes and forms my body temple! The high vibration of unconditional love supports all of my relationships! I am forever expanding, forever evolving, forever revealing God! Gratefully I […]

Agape Affirmation September 26th

I am made whole in the image and likeness of God! My actions are rooted in peace, wrapped in love and expressed with excellence! Avenues of creativity flow to me from the mind of God! Gratitude wells up and saturates every area of my life! Plenitude is my natural state of being! I give and […]

Agape Affirmation September 19th

All of God is everywhere that I am! My relationships are shot through with divine love! Fear, doubt and worry dissolve in the light of my response ability! My supply is spiritual substance that never runs out! Today I give myself permission to be healthy, whole and beautiful! I am gratefully alive and aligned in […]