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Agape Affirmation September 19th

All of God is everywhere that I am! My relationships are shot through with divine love! Fear, doubt and worry dissolve in the light of my response ability! My supply is spiritual substance that never runs out! Today I give myself permission to be healthy, whole and beautiful! I am gratefully alive and aligned in […]

Agape Affirmation September 12th

My life is the life of God radiantly and fully expressed! The power of this awareness sets me free to be me! All of my relationships are shot through with love and peace! Well-being and being well is my way life! God by means of me anchors true abundance and permanent prosperity! These loving words […]

Sweet Gifts in Overflow by Rev. Kim Stanwood Terranova

We live in an abundant Universe and this abundance is forever rushing to us.  Our job is to cultivate a heart that is open and available to be good receivers of the gifts of Spirit. Ernest Holmes expresses it this way, “It is natural that we should wish for the more abundant life.  It is […]

Agape Affirmation September 5th

The essence of my Being burns bright with love, peace and joy! I am charged with divine ideas shot from the mind of God! My life is a blessing! I have multiple gifts to give! Infinite, invisible good manifests as all my needs met! Radiant health and wholeness express as my body temple! I am […]

Agape Affirmation August 29th

The power of my sacred yes amplifies the God qualities within me! Love is my inspiration, my conversation and my life! Peace is my natural state and my holy charge! Abundance is my divine right flowing to me and through me! Gratitude is my way of seeing and being! I am a mighty force of […]

Agape Affirmation August 22nd

The vibration of the most high God is active within me right here, right now! My body temple clothes my spirit with beauty, health and wholeness! The path of my evolution unfolds before me! I am guided! An environment of love and safety surrounds me always! I am protected! A well spring of infinite good […]

Agape Affirmation August 15th

The eternal presence of the divine burns bright as my life! I am the right condition for right action to take place! The love of God dwells within me and expresses through me! I am fueled by the living energy of pure spirit! Today I rise up in the frequency of abundance, joy and gratitude! […]

Agape Affirmation August 8th

I am a great unstoppable being here on a mission from God! The gifts of creativity are stirred into activity within me! Seeds of love grow in my heart and flower in my relationships! Power, bliss and abundance! Right here! Right now! As me! I am here to change the world for the better! Come […]

Agape Affirmation August 1st

I am one with the great power and presence that is God! More good than I can even imagine is expressing as me right now! Today I say yes and halleluiah to my health and wholeness! The energy of excellence is infused into every activity of my life! The essence of pure Spirit inspires every […]

Agape Affirmation July 25th

The overflowing good of God blesses every area of my life! Power, Order and Wisdom! POW! I have it all! My relationships are a soulful celebration of joy and unconditional love! The energy of pure spirit renews and restores my body temple! I feel sense and accept the grace of God upon me! All praise […]