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Agape Affirmation June 14th

I am a divine idea bursting into expression! Whole, complete and perfect! Today I joyfully exercise my right to shine! Vibrations of greatness and enthusiasm under gird my life! Thoughts of health and wholeness revitalize my body temple! I am a creative, innovative and elevated expression of God! Abundance blesses every aspect of my life! […]

Agape Affirmation June 7th

Today I expand my perception, change my direction and set myself free! I am the embodiment of God sourced energy. Whole, complete and perfect! Abundance is always trending and never ending as my life! I thrive! Bursts of enthusiasm and blasts of God’s love propel me! I soar! Everything is working together for my good! […]

Agape Affirmation May 31st

Today I move from my storyline to my vision sublime! Excuses go and I glow with the glory of God! Excellence is the starting point for everything I do! Friendships, soulships and right relationships are mine today! My attitude of plentitude is my source and my supply! In all things I am grateful! And so […]

Agape Love by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Agape love is not something we can do, nor is it something we can force. The seed of Agape Love was planted in our hearts the moment we came into existence, and when our hearts become ripened, Agape Love blossoms.  This expression of unconditional love is developed through our spiritual practices.  Obviously, then, it is […]

Agape Affirmation May 24th

I walk in the empowering awareness that I am one with God! A whole new vision of infinite possibilities greets me every day! My body temple vibrates at the high frequency of health and wholeness! Divine ideas cascade in my consciousness and express as all my needs met! The dynamic call of greatness is upon […]

Agape Affirmation May 17th

The Great Cosmic Mother Divine inspires unconditional love in my life! Spontaneous goodness rises up in me and expresses through me! Infinite wisdom informs my choices and decisions! A constant, consistent stream of abundance is my source and supply! Heaven is anchored on earth through my thoughts, words and actions! The divine feminine essence of […]

Agape Affirmation May 10th

Today I walk in trust! Grace is my constant companion! Opportunities and possibilities greet me everywhere I go! Health, beauty and wholeness express fully as my body temple! Love is the way, the means and the activity of all my relationships! My faith is amplified; my potential activated and my prayers realized! How great God […]

Agape Affirmation May 3rd

My every activity is infused with the eternal presence of divine love! A stream of infinite wisdom flows from the God Head to my open mind! I am constantly lifting up to higher and higher dimensions of Being! The goodness, the grandness, the graciousness of God is mine today! My high conversations draw the best […]

Agape Affirmation April 26th

I am available to be a rich and mighty blessing on this planet! The universal law of cosmic good is always working in my life! The idea that God planted in my soul is emerging with grace and ease! I choose to reveal the highest and best within me no matter what! Excellence breaks through […]

Agape Affirmation April 19th

My life is a glorious celebration of the living Christ! Today I am reborn in the awareness of my great and mighty destiny! Miracles occur in the field of my beholding consciousness! I am an agent for spiritual advancement on this planet! My acts of generosity quicken the flow of abundance in my life! In […]