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Agape Affirmation June 20th

The evidence of God is everywhere in my life! My unlimited potential meets every demand in new and expanded ways! Wholeness is the activity of my consciousness and the natural expression of my Being! The creative genius of the universe expresses through me! I am an artist of the soul! This word is the law […]

Agape Affirmation June 13th

Gratefully I pray and stay in God consciousness! My soul forces and spiritual senses are activated right here, right now! The vitalizing energy of pure Spirit transforms my body temple and the body of my affairs! Triumphant peace and transcendent freedom express in, through, around and about me! BAM! It is already done! Blessed and […]

Agape Affirmation June 6, 2021

My life is lived to the glory of the living God! The fire of my hearts desire burns away all fear, doubt and worry! Joyfully I outgrow any issues and expand into my true greatness! A consciousness of gratitude and sheer appreciation carries me on its wings! I sizzle with the soulful sauce of transformation! […]

Agape Affirmation May 30th

With complete abandonment I fly into the realm of pure Spirit! Therefore, my moment-to-moment living is a prayer in action! My life burns with the fire and passion of divine love and perfect peace! I am awake to the dynamic power of Spirit as my life! As a divine center in the mind of God, […]

Agape Affirmation May 23rd.

My life is lived in touch with the Spirit of the living God! Divine abundance moves in perfect circulation as my life! I live in the problem free zone of the eternal now! The joy of being and the gift of right seeing are my everyday experience! I have everything I need to set myself […]

Agape Affirmation May 9th.

I am created in the image and likeness of God! Whole, complete and perfect! The rhythm of joy and right action takes over my life! I live in divine guidance and let God show the way! My Gratitude and generosity prime the pump of my prosperity! My life is living decree of infinite possibility! All […]

Agape Affirmation May 2nd.

I am available to be a rich and mighty blessing on this planet! The universal law of cosmic good is always working in my life! The idea that God planted in my soul is emerging with grace and ease! I choose to reveal the highest and best within me no matter what! Excellence breaks through […]

Agape Affirmation April 18th

I am a shining example of the power and presence of God! My gratitude awakens greater and greater good in my life! Love is the activity of my consciousness, the natural expression of my Being! The body of my affairs reveals and reflects the order of the universe! A vision of health and wholeness takes […]

‘The Soaring Soul’s Song’ by Rev. Jason Mitchell

Spiritual beings having a human incarnation. This is the description that I embrace about us all as we take this journey on earth. I know that I am more than my body, that there is more to us than our physiology. There are connections that go beyond the functions of the brain or heart when […]

Agape Affirmation April 11th

I let the expanded nature of God take over my life! The vibration of creation expresses through my hands, my heart and my mind! The language of love speaks through all my conversations! I am rock solid in the awareness and demonstration of true abundance! My gratitude opens doors and activates unlimited opportunities! This moment […]