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August 16, 2015

by Dec 13, 2015Affirmations


Bonafide Love Pro
by Chris Henry

I’d rather go with Agape love Bro
And go to the Soul Center solo
Use my 3rd eye as MY go pro
while I meditate, straight with the Cosmos
let my soul flow, freely, see me grow
watch my soul compose
spiritual love prose,
See how far my light can really go
Expose deep truths from the unknown
that my soul has always known
I AM Love, the words to this poem
I’ve never really been alone
The Last few Sunday’s
I only “looked” alone
I AM Aligned with the ONE,
The ONE who really knows
I’d ratherhelp souls grow
Into bonafide love pro’s,
And see how far my light can really go!
For the ONE who really knows
Soul Center equals BONAFIDE LOVE PROS
Who wants to be a Bonafide Love Pro?
And see how far the light can really, really, really go?