Agape Affirmation October 3rd

I am rooted in the rich soil of God consciousness!

The fire of my imagination ignites the divine potential within me!

A perfect pattern of absolute wholeness shapes and forms my body temple!

The high vibration of unconditional love supports all of my relationships!

I am forever expanding, forever evolving, forever revealing God!

Gratefully I live these words of truth! And so it is! Amen!

Agape Affirmation September 26th

I am made whole in the image and likeness of God!
My actions are rooted in peace, wrapped in love and expressed with excellence!
Avenues of creativity flow to me from the mind of God!
Gratitude wells up and saturates every area of my life!
Plenitude is my natural state of being! I give and receive in God!
Joyfully I let it be! So be it! Amen!


Agape Affirmation September 19th

All of God is everywhere that I am!
My relationships are shot through with divine love!
Fear, doubt and worry dissolve in the light of my response ability!
My supply is spiritual substance that never runs out!
Today I give myself permission to be healthy, whole and beautiful!
I am gratefully alive and aligned in these words of truth!
And so it is! Amen!

Agape Affirmation September 12th

My life is the life of God radiantly and fully expressed!
The power of this awareness sets me free to be me!
All of my relationships are shot through with love and peace!
Well-being and being well is my way life!
God by means of me anchors true abundance and permanent prosperity!
These loving words are the law of my life!
Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Sweet Gifts in Overflow by Rev. Kim Stanwood Terranova

We live in an abundant Universe and this abundance is forever rushing to us.  Our job is to cultivate a heart that is open and available to be good receivers of the gifts of Spirit.

Ernest Holmes expresses it this way, “It is natural that we should wish for the more abundant life.  It is right that we are to accept it.  God has already made the gift, it is up to us to receive it.”  Yes, it is up to us to receive it!   Our availability to be good receivers of the riches of Spirit is the key!  Many of us may scream out, “but I am ready to receive it all!”  Yet, if we look within our deep-seated beliefs, or listen closely to any limiting language that we may use, there may be signs of where we are not truly preparing to receive.  If we have been experiencing lack, it may benefit us to clean our inner house to accept that we are worthy and willing to receive the unlimited abundance of Spirit!

To cultivate a field of massive receptivity, we must live a life of daily spiritual practice.  Every practice we embody, every prayer, gratitude, acknowledgment, intention, prepares us to receive the riches of the divine.  Every time we say yes, and thank you, we are honing our consciousness to receive.  Every time we are willing to accept a kind word, a hug, a meal, or a gift, it nurtures the field of receptivity in accepting more good than we ever imagined.

Today, I invite you to open your heart, open your arms, and be willing to receive!  Catch a warm smile from someone, truly receive it.  Say thank you when you are offered a gift, or a treasure from nature, simply say THANK YOU!  Be willing to see and accept the overflow of Spirit everywhere you look!

Sweet gifts of Spirit are ours in overflow.  Let us cultivate the consciousness for them to land upon!


I am willing to cultivate open receptivity to all the good that Spirit continues to shower upon me.
Rev. Kim Stanwood Terranova

The Universe is infinitely abundant.  As a child of the Universe, I am entitled to the miracles that flow forth from it freely. 
Marianne Williamson, A Year of Miracles

Soul Center SunRise

Agape Affirmation September 5th

Soul Center SunRiseThe essence of my Being burns bright with love, peace and joy!
I am charged with divine ideas shot from the mind of God!
My life is a blessing! I have multiple gifts to give!
Infinite, invisible good manifests as all my needs met!
Radiant health and wholeness express as my body temple!
I am a walking, talking, living, loving expression of God`s grace!
In all things I am grateful! And so be it! Amen!