Agape Affirmation June 27th

I have a direct line to the Divine Presence! I am hooked up with God!
The angel of my eternal progression is always cheering me on!
Every aspect of my being is overflowing with divine energy!
I am healthy inside and out!
The wisdom of the eternal Father is my constant companion!
Gratitude is my attitude of choice and the activity of my consciousness!
And so be it! Amen!

Agape Affirmation June 20th

The evidence of God is everywhere in my life!
My unlimited potential meets every demand in new and expanded ways!
Wholeness is the activity of my consciousness and the natural expression of my Being!
The creative genius of the universe expresses through me! I am an artist of the soul!
This word is the law of my life lived in God!
Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

Agape Affirmation June 13th

Gratefully I pray and stay in God consciousness!
My soul forces and spiritual senses are activated right here, right now!
The vitalizing energy of pure Spirit transforms my body temple and the body of my affairs!
Triumphant peace and transcendent freedom express in, through, around and about me!
BAM! It is already done! Blessed and multiplied!
And so it is! Amen!

Agape Affirmation June 6, 2021

My life is lived to the glory of the living God!
The fire of my hearts desire burns away all fear, doubt and worry!
Joyfully I outgrow any issues and expand into my true greatness!
A consciousness of gratitude and sheer appreciation carries me on its wings!
I sizzle with the soulful sauce of transformation!
This is my life on God! And so it is! Amen!