Sunday, July 31st, 2016

sun riseThe Power of Creativity works through me in elegant ways!
It expresses in all my activities!
My life is a canvas; I cover it with acts of kindness, beauty and generosity!
I am a progressive, innovative and inspiring presence on this planet!
The Spirit of Transformation is my call and my constant companion!
I am grateful to discover and deliver my true God nature!
And so it is! Amen!

Agape Affirmation January 19th

Sunday, July 24th

sunrise 6A grand vision of possibility is the blueprint for my life!
The infinite invisible presence of God fills my body, mind and soul!
I am an avenue of harmonizing prosperity, a blessing on the planet!
Open doors and open hearts greet me everywhere I go!
Today I set myself free and let the God times roll!
In all things I am grateful!  And so be it!  Amen!


Agape Affirmation April 19th

beautiful-sunrise-7202877I am held in the infinite embrace of God’s love!
My life is a freewill offering of all my gifts, talents and skills!
Health is the order of my day!
Wholeness reigns supreme!
The song of abundance sings itself as me!
All my needs are met!
Gratitude saturates all that I think, do and say!
So be it!  Amen!


Agape Affirmation March 1st

Sunday, July 10th, 2016

Holy Awakenings.The sacred presence of Spirit expresses in through and as me!
New ideas flow through me!  Insights unfold within me!
My relations form around the power of my loving heart!
The source and substance of my supply is limitless!
God is great and I am grateful!  And so it is!  Amen!

INDOMITABLE LOVE by Jason D. Mitchell.

image from JasonINDOMITABLE LOVE

It hurts. Some days more than others, to be human. I wonder what it would be like if we measured the birth pains of all the mothers of this world on a single day and compared them with the pain humanity is experiencing on that day. So much pain. And with all of this pain we endure.

I sit with the very real pain of mothers who bury their children, lovers whose partners lives are snatched from them hours before their sacred wedding day. I hear the cries of a son realizing his daddy will not be there to teach him how to be better than him. I mourn those lives snatched away by bullets and bombs, on blocks or in busy shopping districts. I witness loved ones searching the rubble for family members they dropped off to go shopping or standing outside of schools where they sent their children to learn. And I wonder what lessons we’re learning.

Each day, in some city, in some place around the world mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, sisters, friends and lovers ask what it is going to take for our world to change. The breaking of our hearts, the shattering of illusions that it won’t happen to us is calling upon us to relinquishing all trust in a system based on consumption. Consuming not only products and services but people and in the worst of cases, spirits as well. For that is where the path leads if we remain on it.

Yet, as I look around I’m reminded by each person I see that there is something more at hand. It is difficult to see and at times impossible to feel. We might forget until someone else shares it and we remember that, we are more than this. Then like a blade of light piercing the darkness a new thought finds it’s way through and we recognize that we are still alive. We might not call this living but this breath we’ve heaving isn’t a lie. No, the lie is what has been and again we remember, we aren’t broken. No matter how much pain we’ve endured, it has not broken us and even though we feel broken the Truth can again be heard, that we are more than this.

And we tap into our cellular memory and recall that something within us we’ve inherited from our ancestors. Without knowing how we find our way up off the floor. As the tears leave a trail of salt upon our face a surge of strength and power can be sensed. It takes a while, as if one by one each cell in our body is involved in a chain breaking reaction. Our senses become acute, and the sirens fade as our Spirit hears the clarion call and we answer. We won’t be silent, that’s no longer in us. We won’t be blinded, it’s not with our eyes that we see. We cannot sleep because this world has awakened us.

It isn’t our anger that call us, nor is it our pain. Injustice is neither our inspiration nor the driving force of our lives. It is something more than all of this and has neither limits nor conditions. It is love. Before this world there was love. Before any person dominated another there was love. Before nations were divided, cultures were exploited, rain forests were depleted and corporations began to frack things up, there was love. Love will not allow us to remain silent to the abuse of powers and the neglect of those in need. Love will not allow lies to divide us, love won’t be conquered. Love will not allow us to remain on the sidelines, witnessing the plights of others and go shopping. Love reminds us of what happened to others as they were shopping and vanquishes the fear as we act. This isn’t romance or a script, it is the Truth of our existence. The strength of souls is unbreakable, the fire in our Spirt is unquenchable of the love that we are is indomitable. The world will continue to spread its lies and with our indomitable loving we’ll reshape this world in our image; LOVE!

I love you today, I love you always in all ways!

In service to love,

Keep the Door Open by Jason D. Mitchell

Jason flippedIt is often nearly impossible to predict the impact of our lives upon others.
Certainly there are times when we can see the direct effect an action or even of inaction but this seems to be rare. Sure, some things are easily correlated, a smile in return for a hello, a thank you exchanged with a client for a job well done or allowing someone to get in front of you in line that seems to be in a rush. There’s a certain way that the energy of life flows, like a stream. Constantly we are putting things into and yet we have no idea what will happen down stream.  What I do know is that whatever we do, it matters.

If we continue to look at life as a stream we have very real life example of how corporations have dammed up rivers and ruined local eco systems. Certainly even the dim witted and aptly named Captain Obvious can see the reality of that metaphor. The plants and refineries that pollute waters that kids once played in and drank from. Sometimes it’s what we take out of the river that matters. Sometimes I think of those nature films where you see tiny aspects of nature and follow them through the forest. A leaf that has fallen off a tree and flows with the current downstream, a bear cub and it’s discovery of small insects or honey dripping down a tree.


Our world works in very much the same way. Are we polluting the world around us through gossip, jealousy resentment, hate, avarice, or slander? Do we ignore each other while driving in traffic, purposefully speeding up so others cannot merge in front of us? Are we so caught up in our lives that we cannot stop and hold the door for someone? Are we taking the time to be kind to each other? Down the stream you just don’t know how much holding the door for someone matters. A person who has felt kicked around all day, battered by each person whose past they’ve crossed and irritated that nothing seems to be going right. Then in a moment of simple kindness you hold the elevator door for them because you happened to see them coming. They may not even be able to acknowledge it in the moment but your kindness may be just the gap in the avalanche they need to take a breath and see their way through to peace. You taking the time to let someone merge in front of you may be just the space needed to take the edge off of someone trying to hold it together as they drive to doctors appointment that has been stressing them out.

Today, be the difference. It doesn’t take much. A kind word, gesture or even thought may make all the difference downstream. Your hello, thank you or compliment on their work isn’t so they can respond in kind. You’re balancing out our eco system by breathing kindness, gratitude, grace, joy and peace into it. For all that we might see on the newscasts and our social media timelines, we are able through our presence to make a very real difference by how we show up. Today, extend a bouquet of thank yous, a bushel of sincere acknowledgements and remember to hold the door; it matters.