The First Mystical Law: There is only Now

The First Mystical Law: There is only Now by Caroline Myss.Caroline Myss

The heart of so many mystical disciplines is “Stay fully present.” Learn to keep your spirit fully in focus, so that you know where “all of you” is at all times. Such a profound truth is one that the mind cannot grasp, because the intellect cannot get to this place called “now.” Only a soul can travel there. While it may sound easy to say, “Just detach and get on with your life,” there is nothing easy about it. Holding your consciousness in present time is the equivalent of entering a different but parallel dimension of reality.

The need to settle our unfinished business with the past is far more than just a psychological or emotional healing ritual; it is also a deep need of the soul that affects our ability to heal. Simply put, holding on to the bitter parts of your past – recent or distant – is like carrying credit card debt that incurs an ever-increasing interest rate.

You can’t heal, because you are still more in the past than in the present; in effect, the past is more emotionally and psychically real to you than the now.

It is not that you forget your past. Being in the present more fully than in your past represents where you position your creative power and your primary identity. A time that has come and gone continues to overshadow the present moment.

From the broken heart comes a heart that can recognize and identify with the pain of others. A wound such as that must not be wasted or buried in self-pity, but brought into the light and examined, reflected upon, and used as a lens through which the lives of others are better understood. Such a choice liberates you from the gravity field of a wounded past, which can hold you hostage to unresolved memories and traumas for decades. The consciousness of present time allows you to keep your memories, but they can no longer hold you hostage, so they can no longer drain you of your energy, which inevitably drains you of your health, and you can start to take care of your health instead, having the right lifestyle, that may include exercise and even supplements from sites as that also help having a good nutrition as well.

The need to let others know you feel entitled to attention because of your pain and suffering is very seductive and releasing the entitlement of the suffering self is more a battle with the shadow of your own pride that it is with anyone else. None of this is easy, but neither is living in the past, which is the equivalent of living in a psychic cemetery where you confer with problematic corpses on a regular basis. To live in the present, the practice of forgiveness is essential. Without forgiveness, you remain anchored in your past, forever in emotional debt.

What you can do:

Here’s one simple method to help you stay in the present: Change your vocabulary. Specifically, give up the use of the following terms and all that they imply: blame, deserve, guilt, fair, fault. If you cut those five words from your vocabulary, both in your private thoughts and in your communication with others, you will notice almost immediately that it is far more difficult to fall into negative emotional patterns. You will also discover how habitual those patterns have become.

~ Caroline

Travel Lightly.

Travel Lightly.  Let Go of those Heavy Thoughts. by Marianne Williamson.

The weight on your body is as nothing compared to the weight on your heart . . . the sadness, the shame, the despair, the weariness. Yet imagine, if only for a moment, that there is a force in the universe that would take your sorrow and shame and all the rest, and simply lift them from your shoulders. Marianne 2We were created to travel lightly on this planet, with the same sense of relaxed joy that little children have. As soon as you lighten up your mind, your body will lighten up as well.

A small child living in a normal, healthy environment is free and relaxed because he or she assumes that an adult is handling his or her needs, including his health and nutrition, having good food and even supplements such as Nutrisystem that are used with adults and children. That is meant to be a model for the development of our healthy relationship to the Divine. You are meant to trust the universe like a child trusts an adult. If, however, you came to feel as a child that your adult authority figures could not be trusted, then you have had a harder time transitioning into a healthy dependence on the ultimate nature of reality. You think you’re on your own and have to handle everything by yourself. No wonder you feel heavy. . . .

Consequently, you have had a difficult time processing your emotions. You don’t work through them; you hold on to them. You try to stuff them. Problems arise, both conscious and unconscious, and instead of giving them up, you take them in. You subconsciously make your body a larger size in order to contain your large problems. You try to create a big enough container to carry all your issues, when you shouldn’t be carrying all those issues to begin with!

You will begin to give up your burdens when you remember that there is someone to give them to. Your excess weight is simply a manifestation of excess stress, and when you release the excess stress, the excess weight will disappear as well.

Spiritually, your wanting to lose weight is not a desire to become less of yourself, but rather a desire to become more of your true self. And you remember who you truly are when you remember Who created you. By reestablishing your right relationship to your Source, you reestablish your right relationship to yourself—in mind and in body. You are a being both created by love and at home in love. Your deepest desire is not for food, but for the experience of home. Your deepest desire is not for food, but for love.

With this lesson, your assignment is to create a place in your home that will remind you that love, not fear, is the true power in your life. Every time you visit your altar, it will fortify love’s power in your mind. And the more love fills your mind, the more miracles will fill your life.

Joy As Your Life

Jason smiling 2JOY AS YOUR LIFE by Jason D. Mitchell.

Why would anyone ever choose to be sad? It’s such an unpleasant experience. Why would anyone choose to be depressed or angry? These experiences aren’t exactly filled with smiles and laughter. Yes, we all experience sadness, depression and anger at some point. Some people are even known for being angry while others must wrestle with stereotypes when they have a moment of upset and express it. Honestly I don’t believe it is quite this simple. People don’t choose these types of feelings or states of being like toppings on a sandwich, “extra tomatoes and cayenne please.” However when we are dealing with our emotions one practice we can take on is joy.

Joy is not an emotion. This an important note because it is actually a Divine Quality. Joy, is among the spiritual qualities like abundance, harmony, balance, oneness that describe both creation and The Creator. Joy is not subjective like happiness is. Joy exists as a constant within our heart and while our emotions may cloud it, joy can still be experienced in the fog of anger or depression. Joy is that which we experience when we find ourselves deeply sad over the passing of a loved one yet sort of smiling on the inside as we remember them. Joy transcends our emotional states and gives us access to the eternal Reality where the all good of God is known and experienced.

There’s a lot more to joy than we give our attention to and far too often it is confused with happiness, which is based on happenings. Today, I invite you to look within your heart see if you can find that place of joy which exists regardless of circumstances. Find that joy that vibrates within you even when you find yourself missing someone. Find that joy that reminds you that just because a relationship has ended doesn’t mean that it is the end of the goodness that is your life. Tap into that space and place within your consciousness that always seeks to shine, radiate and even celebrate Life itself.  This is the Truth about you. This is who you really are. You are not the transitory, conditional states of being that appear and disappear depending upon mood and circumstance.  No!  You are absolute joy! So much so that yes, you’ll have moments of anger and sadness but you are joy as manifest reality and those moments will not last.  Oh yes joy cometh in the morning…in the afternoon and the evening.  Joy IS, always, in all ways, as your very life!

Can you sense it?