August 31st, 2014

There is power in the prayer of connection.
I AM connected to my greatest source- God.
I speak my word of truth and God answers me
Everything in my being is in alignment with the God within.
I put all trust in God now
I live in the answered prayer.
I refuse to believe in any power outside of God.
God is in all and through all.
I am so grateful, thank you God!
And so it is!

August 24th, 2014

There is One Life and that Life is God, and that Life is Perfect, and that Life is my life now.
I Am One with this Great Life.
This One Life works through me to protect, provide and guide.
I trust completely my Oneness with God
In God all things are possible.
I am guided truthfully all along my journey of Life
Everything works together for good.
I am so grateful! Thank you God.
And so it is!

Give Up Defending Yourself

Eckhart Tolle from A New Earth; Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

Give up defining yourself – to yourself or to others. You won’t die. You will come to life. And don’t be concerned with how others define you. When they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it’s their problem. Whenever you interact with people, don’t be there primarily as a function or a role, but as the field of conscious Presence. You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are.”

― Eckhart TolleA New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

August 17th, 2014

I turn within to the source of my happiness.
No matter what is happening outside, this internal moment is my joy.
I breathe and open my heart
I open my heart to the joy that is already there.
I stay open and I ride the waves of happiness and joy.
I am so grateful for all that is here and not here.
In this moment, all is well, and I am at peace.
Thank you, God and so it is.

August 10th, 2014

I am calm and centered, I am breathing in peace.
There is no peace apart from God
My mind is calm and I am completely HERE
I live in the here and now, and I am blessed.
I am Divinely blessed, supported and centered in the Heart of Peace.
And so it is.

Travel Lightly by Marianne Williamson

Let Go of Those Heavy Thoughts.
The weight on your body
 is as nothing compared to the weight on your heart . . . the sadness, the shame, the despair, the weariness. Yet imagine, if only for a moment, that there is a force in the universe that would take your sorrow and shame and all the rest, and simply lift them from your shoulders. You think your burden is an excess of material weight, but your deeper burden is excessive weightiness within your consciousness. You are carrying burdens you were not meant to carry and do not have to carry. Your weight is a burden you can now give over. We were created to travel lightly on this planet, with the same sense of relaxed joy that little children have. As soon as you lighten up your mind, your body will lighten up as well.

A small child living in a normal, healthy environment is free and relaxed because he or she assumes that an adult is handling his or her needs. That is meant to be a model for the development of our healthy relationship to the Divine. You are meant to trust the universe like a child trusts an adult. If, however, you came to feel as a child that your adult authority figures could not be trusted, then you have had a harder time transitioning into a healthy dependence on the ultimate nature of reality. You think you’re on your own and have to handle everything by yourself. No wonder you feel heavy. . . .

Consequently, you have had a difficult time processing your emotions. You don’t work through them; you hold on to them. You try to stuff them. Problems arise, both conscious and unconscious, and instead of giving them up, you take them in. You subconsciously make your body a larger size in order to contain your large problems. You try to create a big enough container to carry all your issues, when you shouldn’t be carrying all those issues to begin with!

You will begin to give up your burdens when you remember that there is someone to give them to. Your excess weight is simply a manifestation of excess stress, and when you release the excess stress, the excess weight will disappear as well.

Spiritually, your wanting to lose weight is not a desire to become less of yourself, but rather a desire to become more of your true self. And you remember who you truly are when you remember Who created you. By reestablishing your right relationship to your Source, you reestablish your right relationship to yourself—in mind and in body. You are a being both created by love and at home in love. Your deepest desire is not for food, but for the experience of home. Your deepest desire is not for food, but for love.

With this lesson, your assignment is to create a place in your home that will remind you that love, not fear, is the true power in your life. Every time you visit your altar, it will fortify love’s power in your mind. And the more love fills your mind, the more miracles will fill your life.

August 3rd, 2014

There is ONE Life and that Life is God and that Life is my Life Now.
I turn to the Truth and turn away from Fear.
I Am grounded in a deeper Reality at all times.
I return daily, moment by moment, to the Truth that sets me free.
I rely upon God, and only God;
Life and only Life,
Love and only Love.
My thoughts, feelings and speech are in complete alignment with Divine Truth.
I think, feel and speak words of Truth, Love and Light.
I AM Love and Light. All is good and so very good.
Thank you God, Thank you Good, And so it is.

The Spiritual Meaning of Freedom by Ernest Holmes

From a talk given at the Wiltern Theatre, Sunday morning, July 4, 1937.

Ever since the dawn of civilization, ever since the first humans began to grasp the significant fact that they were individual beings in a universe that seemed to be more or less hostile to them, the entire search of the human mind, its whole endeavour, has been to get free from evil, from bondage and the shackles of lack, want, fear, superstition, uncertainty, pain, disease, poverty, and fear of the hereafter. And because of this, human systems exist—organized philosophies spring up, sciences develop, educational systems are conducted, collective security is sought after, and religions are formulated to allay the fear of humankind relative to the soul.

The great demand in the world today is for a sense of security, freedom, and liberty. But we must be very certain that we do not swap one image of bondage for another. I have read a large part of the religious and philosophic history of the world and I have noticed that almost invariably, when the world traded one kind of religion for another, it didn’t get a good deal. The Pilgrim Fathers who came to the shores of New England came to worship God in their own way, but the moment they got there, everybody in the colony worshiped God in the way that the strong-minded members of that colony decided was the way to worship God. That was not freedom.

Even in our newer religions of the last seventy-five or a hundred years, very frequently we meet people who say they have now found the truth, and then, unfortunately, a large majority of them disclose that they merely have found an idea they liked and called it the truth because they were egotistical, self-conscious, self-righteous people with an attitude of condemnation toward others. That is not the truth. In studying one system of thought after another that has transpired in the last seven thousand years of human history, I have noted how extremely difficult it is for the human mind to conceive liberty without license, without egotism; and we can only give birth to freedom when we have conceived liberty.

True freedom—true liberty—has something cosmic behind it. If the time has come that modern science has proved that we cannot move a piece of paper without changing the balance of the entire physical universe; if we have come to the place where we know that the stuff of which our physical bodies are made is the same stuff of which the planets are made; if we have come to the place where such a profound unity is maintained that physicists believe there is no such thing as disunity in the physical world; then we can easily see what the great spiritual leaders of the ages meant when they told us of that greater unity in which we all live and move and have our being, and that the idea of freedom itself is tied up with the true concept of the unity of good. If our nature is one, if God is one—and we know that God must be one, for the universe cannot be divided against itself—then we are all tied into an indivisible unity. We shall have to get back to this unity to find the meaning of freedom. Nothing in any part of this cosmic whole could be considered freedom that would destroy the liberty of some other part of it. That would be self-destruction, would it not? As Jesus pointed out two thousand years ago, that would be a kingdom divided against itself. The kingdom of God is one kingdom. So we know that true liberty must spring from true unity.

We are bound into a supreme unity, we are tied into an immutable law of irrevocable cause and effect—that is unity moving into action. Cause and effect is something that happens as a result of the use of unity. Consequently we are one even while we are many, and since each one of us is a part of the whole, if we seek to destroy each other we only ultimately hurt ourselves. That is the great lesson of life.

Freedom, then, will come only in such degree as we no longer do anything that hurts anyone, but that does not mean we have to become spiritual or intellectual doormats. I do not believe in that. Nothing in my belief causes me to feel that God or the Creative Principle wants me to suffer for myself or for anyone else. I do it, I have always done it, perhaps I always shall in this world—but I know that it is wrong. How can the Supreme Being desire my suffering without imposing that suffering, and what kind of a universe has a God who suffers and imposes suffering in a changeless reality? The whole theology and religious reaction of people who believe that arises out of morbidity and fear and superstition and nothing else.

Well, it is not so—and still we suffer. Why? Because we do not understand. We might say that the world suffered darkness until somebody discovered electricity. It suffered crawling around on the face of the earth until technology was developed so we could fly and drive. It suffers limitation, not because the Infinite imposes limitation, but because the world does not understand its freedom. And when it begins to develop its freedom, seldom does it do it directly; it generally creates a new bondage. When we kill the old devil we are very likely to give birth to a new and more subtle one. War is more to be feared than ever before because we have more knowledge without more wisdom. And final freedom will come only as it is tied into divine wisdom.

What is divine wisdom? I am no prophet, but I would suggest that divine wisdom must be as simple and profound as this: Jesus said, “The kingdom of God cannot be divided against itself.” I think that is all there is to divine wisdom. The kingdom of God cannot and will not be divided; so long as I will seek to hurt, I will be hurt.

We desire freedom. We do not like evil, we do not like pain, we do not like poverty, we do not like unhappiness. Why should we? None of us likes to go to bed and worry all night and get up tired out in the morning. God does not impose it on us. Why do we do it? Because we sense freedom, we sense liberty, we sense God, yet out here in the objective world we experience limitation; and the argument is between what we feel ought to take place and what we see and the world experiences. It seems as though we are two people, one that experiences evil and one that knows there should be no evil.

The evolution of freedom in the human mind is a slow process. Many movements in the world that claim to be seeking liberty only produce new kinds of bondage. We should beware of them. They are born out of the idea of depression; they are born out of the spirit of bondage. If we want freedom, we must understand that freedom can never come by the imposition of a will of the minority over the majority. It is born finally, and only in such degree as some system is devised whereby individuals are allowed complete freedom so long as they do not, in their freedom, impose bondage on someone else.

I believe that the true spirit of democracy is a spiritual conception where there is freedom, liberty without license, and a flexibility that makes evolution possible on the foundation of freedom. As we enter into the spirit of the meaning of Independence Day, the day when liberty, symbolically, was conceived, the day when freedom, objectively, in our country was announced, we should think of it not merely as a political system or form of government, but we should think of it as a spiritual conception, an idea in the Divine Mind Itself, taking form in human experience; we should learn to love that liberty, and in loving the idea we should learn to tenderly and prayerfully handle the embodiment of that idea and nourish it always to greater strength; we should really conceive again the great spiritual conception of that rugged man of God who said: “…that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”