Dear Soul Center Family,

We are currently in a glorious time of growth at Soul Center! As we shared Monday, 10/16/23, on our special Zoom community meeting, we are poised to enter into the next step of our collective evolution with the expansion into our own physical location. To take tenancy in a place where we will be able to hold services, and events, house our equipment and put our unique energy and touch -seven days a week- has arrived!

Since the inception of Soul Center we have heeded the Divine vision for our community. We have prepared and expanded our structures on the inside, and are now ready for the outer expression.

We began this year with the intention to fulfill this part of the vision by our tenth anniversary coming up this January. As we shared in our presentation, many things have gracefully aligned for the vision to fulfill itself. The final piece for our building to come into form is the financial component.

We have put together a financial plan that assures a solid, sustained and spacious experience as we lease the perfect property. To that end, and to satisfy any leasing requirements, we have budgeted for a year’s worth of rent, and enough finances for all equipment, furniture and services. It also includes major upgrades to our live streaming so that our online community will be as blessed as our local members. This budget requires us to raise $150,000 by November 15th.

During our meeting we shared for the first time the plan and goal and raised approximately 30% of our budget in only a few hours. As we prepared our financial statements and plotted our trajectory, it became abundantly clear that this initial funding campaign will serve as a bridge to our natural growth, enabling us to sustain and expand effortlessly as we move into the future.

On behalf of myself, the Board of Directors, and Soul Center’s Leadership, I humbly invite you to consider an adjunct contribution of ANY amount in alignment with your heart that supports us in bringing our collective vision to fruition this year!

With deep gratitude and loving regards,

-Reverend Keith