A member of the Agape Association of Communities

Sunday Mornings at Soul Center OC

Sunday Services will Inspire with Speakers, Music and Meditation. 

We meet every Sunday at 10:00 AM for Meditation and 10:30 for Sunday Service at the Newport Coast Community Center, 6401 San Joaquin Hills Road, Newport Coast, 92657. Corner of San Joaquin Hills Road and Newport Coast Dr.

Youth Program:

Our Enlightened Kids program opens 9:50 so parents have plenty of time to attend the Mediation Service. Every week  starts with Sacred Circle Time, a Simple Spiritual Lesson for Kids from A Course in Miracles, and then a experiential craft to anchor the lesson and take home.

Our Location

Effective January 18th, 2015
The Newport Coast Community Center
6401 San Joaquin Hills Road
Newport Coast, 92657.

Youth Program

"Out of the Mouth of Babes" ... Heard during Youth Church:

After a short lesson on"let's do one nice thing today for ourselves or someone else" ... While busy creating a welcome Card and Craft for Dr. J., L said "I've already done three nice things today and it's only the morning!"

We talked about the Divine (God) as living within us, so we're never really alone.  Weeks later, one of the children said, "Even when I'm alone, I'm not alone.  It seems weird to say that, but I know I'm not alone"

O said,"Sunday is my FAVORITE day of the week.  I LOVE coming to Youth Church!!!"

Our Enlightened Kids Community is a High Priority at Soul Center OC.

It is all about teaching and inspiring our children and teens. Programs for the kids, all ages, are offered every Sunday and lead by teachers who honor the spirit of every child. The session includes weekly kid teachings from A Course in Miracles, games, and an inspirational craft project to take home that functions as a gentle lesson reminder.