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Stay Focused, Your Worlds Need You by Jason D. Mitchell

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Yes (insert crisis, horrible news event here) is going on. Now, that we’ve acknowledged it, let me remind you not to lose focus. Whether we realize it or not there is always a crisis going on and there is always something in the news that is painful to learn about and challenges how we see humanity. Whether it is war, police brutality, domestic violence, suicide, abuse of power, rape, or anything else our individual lives and how we walk in this world must remain our primary focus. Don’t get confused, I’m not suggesting ignoring these things but we must continue to focus on our role in the many worlds within which we exist. Yes, many worlds.

While no one is an island unto themselves, it is essential that we get a hold of the world within our own minds. We must not only become aware of our thoughts but we must align them with Truth. We cannot be tossed to and fro by every news story or social media post. It is essential that you have an active spiritual practice (prayer, meditation, spiritual study, etc.) that allows you to clear the lens through which you see the world and how you live your life (on purpose, with a purpose.) The world that is your family needs you to be able to stay focused on your children, siblings, family, and loved ones who need you to be able to hold the high watch over them. The colleagues that you’ve been called to work with (and some of us really must awaken to this reality) have been gifted with your consciousness in the place where you all maintain your livelihood. This is not by chance. You must maintain your focus on the eternal truth without getting caught upon the distractions that can occur on the job or in your profession. The worlds that are your city, your state, your county, your nation. The worlds that are your social circles, social organizations, professional organizations… they all require our hearts and minds to be focused on so much more than (insert crisis, horrible news event here.)


When we woke up yesterday I don’t think any of us were confused about the state of the world. Last year before the primary election took place we knew there was more going on than just (crisis/event.) 10 years before that we knew. Didn’t we? Because there is always something going on and we are continually reminded that we must actively engaged in choosing higher. We must be actively practicing a way of being in the world that creates a world that works for everyone. This isn’t in reaction to an event or crisis, it is because every day, every hour, every minute there is a need for more love, more peace, more grace, and more compassion–which can only come into the world through us.

Stay focused my friends. Our worlds need us today more than ever!


In service to love,


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