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spirituality with lacey johnson

by Jun 21, 2023


Lacey Johnson’s
Spiritual Story
So I grew up in a nonreligious, nonspiritual household. My parents always made it a really big deal that I make my own choices when it came to spirituality and my faith. I tried going to church as a kid, didn’t really vibe with it at all. I was always open minded to it, but it never really clicked for me.

I don’t know, I always felt like there was something guiding me internally and I never knew what to call it. The church always made reference to God or Jesus or the vision of the spirit and all that stuff, and I just never found the right language for what I was feeling.

It wasn’t until I got older and I really started experiencing music that I felt that voice, that feeling, that guidance even stronger because it is when I play music, being my truest self that I’m not distracted…not thinking about what I have for breakfast, not thinking about what people think of me… because I don’t. Playing music I truly experience being present.

As I’ve listened to all these beautiful talks at Soul Center over the years, it’s given me even more insight into my music. It’s given me more inspiration with writing, with playing.

If you see me perform at all, I’m not ever trying to be something. I’m always just enveloped in the feeling and enjoying the experience and it’s a journey every single day. I believe that you have to have a higher level of consciousness to be a musician, to breathe it, to live it. It’s not an easy life, as spirituality is never an easy journey in general. It’s always about finding where you are now and going where that divinity, that spirituality is telling you to go and something really beautiful can come of that.