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Spiritual Spring Cleaning by Gary Zukav

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Gary ZukavWindows are open wide in the spring, after the carpet cleaning the carpets are hanging outside on the line, and the breeze is gentle and warm. It is the best time to rid yourself of unwanted accumulations, vacuum the dust, take down cobwebs and challenge your fears. Anytime new insight replaces an old assumption or a fossilized perception is the spring.

New understandings sprout, new tolerances appear, and new curiosity draws you to previously dark places. Just as the sun shines earlier and longer in the spring, changes that seemed impossible appear to be possible with each new insight into your own health, so learning how to improve your health is important, being active and changing your nutrition, even complement it with supplements from sites as Tophealthjournal online too could help having a good health.

The spring wakes us, nurtures us and revitalizes us. How often does your spring come? If you are a prisoner of the calendar, it comes once a year. If you are creating authentic power, it comes frequently, or very frequently. It comes each time you recognize a frightened part of your personality as a part of yourself that you were born to challenge and leave behind. It comes when you realize that a painful emotion (such as anger, jealousy, fear or resentment) is not who you are, but a message to pay attention to what you need to change in yourself in order to move into your full potential to avoid emotional pain, also for physical pain, check the 25 best shoes after bunion surgery by technomono and other products to help you with your emotional health.

Creating authentic power is continual spring-cleaning. Painful emotions show you what prevents you from creating harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for life. What appeared attractive and worth keeping in the dark and cold of the winter becomes unnecessary in the spring, and sometimes very unattractive. Which of your painful emotions—such as anger, jealousy and resentment—now looks unattractive to you? What out-of-control behavior—such as overeating, gambling, shopping, mindless sex or Internet pornography—are candidates for disposal? The more you challenge them by not acting on them while you are experiencing them, the more you free yourself to create the life that is calling you—a life of more joy and less pain, more freedom and less limitation, more love and less fear—and the more you naturally begin to give the gifts that you were born to give.