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Artists Corner

by Jun 19, 2023


Artists Corner
Ocean of Loving Forgiveness
By Dr. Diana Divine Light.

Wash over me all the Love I am and I want to feel
Splash away all the stuck grains of sand that hold my hurts
Wipe away the barnacles of distrust, hurt and sources of pain
Take away the shadows of doubt and the burdens of my heart
Wash through me all the Love that I am and always will be
Cleanse my heart from the barriers which kept Love out
Burn ever so brightly in a heart that is One with Love
That attracts only Love, that emanates Love and dances Love
Let my Ocean of Love flow so steady that all that is not Love
Washes out with the tide, dissolving into the sunset.
For it is said wherever there is Love, there is no opposite.
Let me shine as Love without an opposite.
As the waves wash over me I am cleansed
As the waves move through me I am pure
As the waves soften my heart I am whole and perfect and complete
I am Rainbow Brilliance showering all Life with Love Everlasting.
Dr. Diana Divine Light©July 31, 2018

Love Is All There Is
By Dr. Diana Divine Light

Love Is All There Is
Love is all there is
Love is all there was
Love is all there will ever be
Alive as Love
I live as this vibration
Love lifts me
Love cradles me
Love strengthens me
And Love surrounds me
Love is my food
Love is my shelter
Love is my Home
Love breathes me
Love shines from my eyes
Love wets my lips
Love opens my heart
Love is the sunshine of my Soul
Love seeks nothing
Love corrects no-one
Love listens and hears
Love dissolves fears
Love lets go
Of all that it is not
For Love is purity, instilling
Hope alive as Gratitude
As I love me
My heart opens
To loving others
God loves through me
God loves as me
God loves including me
God loves all over and through me
God is and I am Love.
August 8, 2018©Dr. Diana Divine Light