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Agape Love by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

by May 23, 2020Uncategorized


Agape Love by Rev. Michael Bernard BeckwithAgape love is not something we can do, nor is it something we can force. The seed of Agape Love was planted in our hearts the moment we came into existence, and when our hearts become ripened, Agape Love blossoms.  This expression of unconditional love is developed through our spiritual practices.  Obviously, then, it is to our individual and collective benefit to continuously evolve through our practices so that year after year we become more mature lovers.  So that we no longer withhold our love based on whether or not others share our ethical standards, values, political affiliations, religious beliefs or spiritual path. As our capacity to love expands, we discover something very profound:  No one except we ourselves have the power to prevent us from loving.

Our interactions with others contribute to revealing the facets of love that we have yet to cultivate. We discover that loving a particular individual requires that we cultivate the love-expression of forgiveness, while another person teaches us patience, kindness, generosity, or compassion.  A fundamental characteristic of Agape Love’s fruitage is the ability to see that there is no separation between ourselves and others because we directly realize that every being is a branch from the same sacred Tree of Life.

The mystical magnetism of Agape Love ceaselessly courts us, drawing us into its magnetic field through the various forms of human love we experience with parents, siblings, lovers, spouses and partners, our children and friends, leading us to Love’s Source:  Pure Spirit.  The moment we surrender to its gravitational pull, we are transfigured.  Love is the ultimate religion.  When tasting its flavour, we enter the realm of mystical lovers. We become Love, allowing it to flow in, as, and through us.  Such joy!  Such bliss!

Excerpt from Agape’s Daily Inspiration Guide, Inner Visions, May 20, 2020