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Activating your Bliss by Rev. Dr. Julie Moret from The Life Connection.

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Living Your What?

How to Find the Key Quality to Activate Your Bliss

Julie Moret is an inspirational speaker at Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational (inclusive of all religions) spiritual center under the direction of Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith.  Using techniques like the Life Visioning Process, Time Line Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnosis, Regression, Archetypal Therapy, and Prayer Treatment, Julie assists clients in understanding the thought patterns that created current unwanted circumstances and then uses these techniques to create new, more productive patterns. She will be featured at the upcoming Awakening Into the Sun Festival in St. Petersburg in March along with Michael Bernard Beckwith and Rickie Byars-Beckwith. (More at end).

You came in on a dream. It is as though you were on a conveyor belt up in heaven and just before you were about to drop down into human form, the seed of something special was placed inside of you. It is your “what,” that thing for which you were born. Some people may think that conveyor belt must have malfunctioned the day they were born. “So‐and‐so definitely got two seeds of specialness, and the one I got was defunct!” Not so. We all come in on a dream and the dream is an achievable one. It would not come into your consciousness as a soul desire if it was not for you. So, the question is, what’s your what, and how are you doing with it?

When was the last time you felt totally inspired? When is the last time you felt one hundred percent right in your skin, felt like you were being exactly who you are meant to be? Imagine if you took this feeling, this seed of specialness placed within you, and devoted the next days, weeks, months, years of your life to grooming and growing those qualities within you? Unfortunately, too many people spend years, sometimes a lifetime, searching all around the glaringly obvious for something that fits in better, makes more sense, is less controversial, or easier to explain to mom and dad.

You know who you are. You know the dream that lives inside of you and the deal is, it is doable. It would not come to you as a soul desire if it were not for you. Here is a clue, it is not a purple convertible Bentley. What you are born for has no top. It cannot be completed in your lifetime. You are here to shine as peace, love, joy, harmony, balance, ease, truth, justice, integrity, honor, courage, wisdom, prosperity, and abundance. While each of us possesses all of these qualities, there are usually particular ones that have extra juice for you. Even though you know what your “what” is, deep down inside that “what” can sometimes feel miles away, covered up with the dirt and grit from life’s journey. That is when you need to go on an archeological dig to self-‐ resuscitate. If you want more clarity about why you are here, there are simple ways to gain clarity: prayer, meditation, and Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life Visioning Process, are all excellent resources.

Another way to clarify your “what” is to recall the kinds of things you used to love to do when you were younger. I once had a client who did not know what to do with herself; life had not worked out the way she had hoped. I asked her what she used to love to do as a child. She dispassionately rattled off a few things: dolls, drawing, etcetera. Then all of a sudden I saw a glint in her eye. The color in her cheeks began to flush and her respiration increased. “Basketball. I loved playing basketball,” she said. “Great,” I said, but before I could get another word out, she cut me off. “I’m not going to join some old ladies basketball league!” Actually, I was not going to suggest that she join an old ladies’ basketball league, but I did ask her if there was any other way she could be involved with basketball, since it had once given her so much joy.

She quickly dismissed the thought, and then slowly, shyly, she mentioned that it had occurred to her to maybe coach the girls’ basketball team at the local YMCA. You see! We know! She already had the impulse to do it, but sometimes it takes a while to believe what we know. She started coaching the girls’ basketball team and now she is back in the game. Her life has juice and that enthusiasm spills over into every other area of her life, her relationships, and the way she cares for herself, her prosperity, on and on. All we need to do is get back to the what. What do you love, what lights you up? Then, let God figure out the how and gently whisper clues into your subconscious mind. She decided to talk to Giordana Toccaceli, who is a relationship coach and she was able to fix her relationships.

Growing up, running was my thing. My knees are not interested in running now and I would not want to be a coach, so I asked myself, what was the quality I felt when I was running? What made it so compelling? Freedom… absolute, soaring, off the charts, can do and be anything, freedom.

When you find the quality that sends you, you will follow it anywhere, and with good reason. That quality is the key to unlocking your indwelling wellspring of inspiration. For example, I met a really cute guy one time and he asked me out on a date. He invited me out on the kind of date any girl would love. He invited me to a party on a Saturday night. But this guy did not know who I really was or that I was not available for his Saturday night party because I already had the hottest plans in town. My plans were so amazing that I knew I could not be selfish; I had to invite this cute guy to join me. So, I explained to him that I could not go to a party with him because I was choosing to spend my Saturday driving a few hours in the middle of the night to a cemetery to watch authentic footage of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Why? Because freedom is my thing and Dr. King is the brand of freedom that fills me with the same kind of all‐things‐possible energy that I felt when I would run hard and fast, round and round my block at night as a teenager. If it has to do with Dr. King, I am there.

Have you ever been on a date with someone and seen that glaze come over their eyes that lets you know it is just not going to happen? As I told the cute guy about my big Saturday night plans, I saw the glaze settle over his eyes as he slowly backed away declining the invitation to join me at the cemetery on Saturday night. But that is just fine because whoever you end up with has to respect the ache, that longing that lives inside of you. If they do not respect your ache, it just has to be, “bye‐bye.” No questions asked, just “bye bye.”

I was once set up on a blind date. Before I even met the man, I told my girlfriends I was going to marry him because on paper he was everything I had ever wanted. Finally, he flew into town to meet me. He literally took a plane ride to meet me! I knew it was going to be the perfect romantic story that we would tell the rest of our happily married lives.

Honestly, I was not attracted to him, at all. That did not matter, though. I was still going to marry him because on paper he was everything I had ever wanted. We went out to dinner and shared our hopes and dreams. I shared with him my crazy dream that one day I would serve with Michael Bernard Beckwith as a transdenominational (inclusive of all religions) minister and speaker at Agape International Spiritual Center. At the end of the date he told me how wonderful I am, and that he could never be with a minister. There is only one answer at that point: “bye‐bye.” That is when you need to dropkick them to the curb. Whoever you choose has to respect your ache. It is your what. You cannot be a who without a what, so do not give that away to anyone for anything!

Back to cute guy and my hot Saturday night plans. I jumped into my Jeep and took off. At last, I pulled into a huge cemetery, pitch black. I was scared and completely out of my element, but following my ache. I knew I had to be there; I had to be where freedom is. I finally got where I needed to go, found a seat, and dove in. I was utterly riveted watching authentic footage of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When you source yourself in this way, it is like being hooked up on life support. There I was, getting my fix.

About an hour in I felt a tap on my shoulder. Cute guy! The cute guy who had invited me to the party showed up at the cemetery instead! I offered him the seat next to me and we sat quietly watching the film for a few minutes. Then he tapped me on the shoulder and politely asked,

“Can you understand anything they’re saying?” It was authentic 1960’s footage, all crackly and inaudible. “No,” I said. “I can’t understand a thing. Shush!” And I went back to watching because I did not care that I could not understand anything being said. For me, it was the thrill of having any kind of proximity to someone who so fully represents what most enlivens me.

Another few minutes passed. Cute guy tapped me on the shoulder again, “Can you make out any of the images on the screen?” The film was so old, black and white, filled with static and barely visible. “No,” I said and went right back to watching because in my mind, who cares if I cannot see it or hear it. I am just happy to soak up whatever I can get. A long stretch of time passed and finally cute guy said to me, “Are you good?” I took a deep, full breath.   “Yes. I am good,” I said. I had gotten my fix. I had juiced my life purpose, and yes, I was deeply content. We got up, walked out of the cemetery, and you can be damn sure I married that man! They have to respect the ache. Whatever your ache is, whoever you choose to be in relationship with, they must respect the ache. They do not have to have the same ache as you. They do not have to do your ache with you, but they must respect your ache.

First and foremost, you must respect your own ache. When you give over fully to that thing for which you were born, when you acknowledge it and commit to it, you will find that you attract people into your life who respect your need for self-‐realization. You will also notice that as you fully commit to outwardly be who you inwardly are, your full brilliance, the people in your life, whether they agree with what you are doing or how you are doing it, usually get on board. Some may fall away, even if only temporarily, but the riches of saying “Yes!” to your soul’s longing will, in the end, outweigh any attempt to sacrifice yourself in order to keep someone else around.

I once asked my husband why he drove out to the cemetery that night. He told me that when he was in college, his friend’s dad gave him girl advice. Referring to girls, the father said, “They’re all crazy. You just have to find your kind of crazy.” My husband said that he realized I was his kind of crazy! My prayer for you is that you find your kind of crazy and that you continue to follow your ache because when you do, everything is possible.

The above was excerpted from Julie Moret’s upcoming book entitled, What’s Your What? —How to Ignite Your Unique Brand of Inspiration on Demand, publishing in Spring 2015. Her work has been featured on Lifetime television and her client base includes Fortune 500 Executives, Academy Award Winners, and multiple New York Times Best Selling Authors. See juliemoret.com. For more about Awakening Into the Sun Festival see www.AwakeningIntoTheSun.org.